Some predictions.

Doing more deep meditation anyway here’s my senses or my ‘psychic predictions’ for the next few years.this is not all but just some…enjoy 😉 JK

Trump and his administration -the energy has shifted he is going to become more popular and spoken about much nicer in the MSM in the next year or so…it is come and go…it moves than goes back to what it was thats what I mean.
People who were taught to hate him are going to be pissed. LOL.
He is…plugged in. I keep seeing sickness…lots of sickness.
Christians who I predicted would be under extreme persecution will continue to be persecuted but not as bad as they have been or would have been as the energy around that whole situation has changed due to the many prayers, the message here I feel is we need to keep praying because no one should be persecuted like that. The shift in energy surrounding the issues is amazing and a testament to prayer and its power.
My sense is that god is not pleased with the judgments and hate we all do in his name. No matter what the religion. THINGS CAN AND WILL CHANGE WITH PRAYERS> Need to stop bickering and come together. None of our ‘religions’ are right.

Immigrants will continue to flood into our Country but they will face a huge series of hurdles and backlash from the Government in 2020 ish…or so the dates are funky I should look up some dates astrologically but maybe someone else can if they are not a corporate astrologer. There will be many many people hurt killed and a great deal of suffering will occur in the lives of illegal immigrants something about there is ‘no contract’ I don;t know no one listens to me anyway but i have to write it and share as I am asked to….tremendous suffering and so many of them will be forced to pay and pay again.

Illegal immigrants will be used up and politicians will throw them away.They will have no defense.
This is disgusting because no one should be used in such a manner.
There will be at least 7 new tragic illnesses/diseases.
The transgender community will be sickened like the gay community was sickened with aids. Only it won’t be aids it will be a hormone/Chemical disease is that the right way to put it? Not sure… the hormones will be so altered because of synthetic products… like bad infections..more mutations will occur.. . oye God help us all.
We need to look at the consequences of chemicals and overuse of synthetic hormones.
Some will but it will be too late for so many,
Children will have many more different chronic conditions.
the lifespan of Americans should be at over 100 years old instead death will be coming at 50 perhaps 60s due to chemicals poisons and manipulation of natural resources.
A lot of people say we are under attack that some want us dead..honestly i don’t see that I see a bunch of greedy people who want everything and simply do not care if we die as a result.
I see more of an ethnic cleansing an race cleansing then population pruning.
Spiritual disorders will be at the root of all of them but no one will be able to do anything well a few will but they will be mocked and attacked.
History again is being rewritten and many of the symbols of this Country will be removed and altered. it is starting already… save your books save your books and your older books don’t put everything on digital items but save the books.
Hate will be placed where there was once love but it will still be called love.
Look at the main Churches to see this. 😦
There are some beautiful light workers we will find each other, From every walk of life every religion. 🙂 
China is the biggest threat to this Country.. THE BIGGEST>
My extreme joy at understanding that while there is evil in the world and many suffer at the hands of it..there are many many who ‘watch’ what is going on and see..we will not be unprotected for much longer the battle field is evening out God won already it is people who refuse to commit who refuse to let go of their illusions… some have been tortured for years and years but their cries have never gone unheard and their blood does indeed cry out to god from the earth. It was impressed upon me that defense is coming Jesus Christ who won above all is at the head of this..many do not believe in Jesus or have twisted the truth so much it is so difficult to do so. Don;t be afraid he is alive and well. 🙂 
Those who do evil those who harass and manipulate who stalk and cause pain and fear are also being watched 🙂 ) their time is short.
Keep praying pray pray and pray bring and send the love of god in whatever religion you are send the light keep sending it the darkness WILL be exposed through the light. Love love and love it will be hard but love…
Cal in Archangels and ask them to change things ask them to move the energy to break up the dense energy. Anyway I am either nuts delusional or onto something lmao whatever, I am good with it. 😉
IF we hold onto God if we stay close to God we will win…

Thanks for listening. xo

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

The refocusing of a Society

Robert Caruso Intuitive

It’s a sad situation, the way our people are succumbing to the will of the media and political factions. It has people believing that the world is getting worse, that our society is getting more separate and more violent. The truth is, though it’s hard for us to see it is getting better. The reason for that, of course, is that the media is able to draw more attention to them by using a violent or mean-spirited narrative.
The truth is very simple, yes we have terrorism, racism, and bigotry. But this isn’t new. These aspects of thought have been around since the beginning of time. One group of people looking down or feeling fearful of another. This not only goes on from race to race, religion to religion, sexual orientation but also political views.
The sad truth is it will always be this way. We have always had fearful…

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“Connecting to Our Guides” “New Info”

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These are very short videos I will be uploading, these are geared towards changing our thoughts clearing our frequencies. To allow new thoughts and beliefs to form. We cannot achieve anything new until the old is healed and moved out.
Use caution…it is a raw video no bells and no whistles but it will help..give it time.
You may feel ill angry hate-filled and confused…just breathe and take it slow. Ground and connect to your guides,

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What the mouse knew.

What the mouse knew mattered more than the strength of the Cat who had attacked him.

Pride goes before the fall. At times some who think they ‘know it all and are above those of us who are struggling” fall eventually and hard.

Of course the cat didn’t really know that silly it was just a cat.

But the mouse knew something the cat didn’t and that was how to survive.

But I digress.
Let me explain what the mouse knew.

I come from an abusive background.

In my 20s I was really trying to find peace in any way possible.

I was in so much pain spiritually and mentally.

I was always running, trying only to get away from myself.

I ended up going to a Christian retreat in NY, the retreat was on Inner Healing.

I had learned so much about myself and was learning to accept things that happened that I needed to forgiveness for,for both myself and others..sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to emotional hurts.

I was having so much difficulty leaving the peacefulness and serenity of the Center on my last day of the workshops.
I wanted to keep learning and being around supportive people was like a God Send.

I sat down to pray and reflect one more time not really ‘willing’ to go back to the daily grind that was my life at the time or the loneliness I felt.

So overwhelmed and small did I feel,,like I was completely insignificant.
The universe seemed to have ignored me up to then when I asked for relief.

“I will never be able to overcome all that has happened to me” I remember praying.

A bit of self-pity washed over me as I thought of what I had faced during the weekend and how much more I had yet to face in my healing.

Suddenly a pretty little cat came over to me,,now I have always been an animal lover and this was sweet to have the cat nuzzling me in my time of sadness,,until I saw a mouse run across the driveway and my friend the cat saw it too.

He wasted no time in grabbing the tiny mouse and tossing it up and down as cats do when they “play” with their ‘catch’.
The tiny mouse lay lifeless on the edge of the bush he had tried in vain to hide under.

I was completely disgusted by the display,but knew the cat was doing only what was natural.

“Ha I am just like that mouse” I thought, “Just like a tiny little mouse in the face of a huge lightening fast cat, which is the way the world feels like to me”


In the meantime my friend the cat stopped playing with the lifeless mouse and came over to me to get petted once again…after all the mouse was dead his fun was over.

The cat nuzzled and bumped me,while I looked sadly at the tiny mouse feeling that wave of despair again.

But the mouse popped his head up looked around saw the cat near me and ran off under the bush to secure his hiding place.

My friend the cat looked startled and I must admit somewhat embarrassed, if a cat can really look embarrassed.

It was then it hit me.

The Universe made the mouse tiny and frail,,the cat was big and fast,,but the cat lacked something the mouse didn’t.

That’s what the mouse knew.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Support appreciated. :) xo

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Possession happens differently each time it happens. Many people will say possession is ‘rare’ possession is not rare. PERIOD.

In my life I have seen at least 4 people who were more than likely fully possessed or on their way.

The number is higher than 4 but because I did not interact with them I could not confirm the others.
If is terrible sad to see a fellow human being a creation of God who is possessed.

But think about it if you are possessed that means an identity or entity has become so entangled with the host reaching out would be almost impossible,.it can happen but it is usually only a slight reach out.

A few months ago I experienced a conversation with a clearly possessed woman.

I believe she reached out to me in an attempt to ask for help. However upon our initial conversation it was clear I was not speaking to her but something or someone who had a hold of her.

She was verbally abusive swearing and attacking me as if I was the worst person ever to come into our life when I had pointed out she had called me she could not answer obviously she was reaching out but as many negative entities do they become bullies trying to scare people away with their ‘illusion’ of power. Not all signs of possession are verbally abusing or cruel she also presented with knowledge of things that she was truly unable to know. nothing about me but an area near me.

If we are protected God will not let an entity know about us personally.
If we are not fully protected it will be allowed. but they can know about other people or areas that are not fully protected.

Deliverance and exorcism are not secret..for goodness sake. There should be frank and open discussion about both subjects. hiding it reveals fear and lack of power- god won god is light the light shines on in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it. PERIOD. Claim it.

Psychologists should be seeking to understand more and more the spiritual side of abuse and well possession and obsession that may happen as a result of abuse.

The spiritual affects the emotional and vice versa which of course then trickles down to the physical.

All is connected.

I did not reach this woman the way i truly wanted to but I pray I touched her life and I think, without being melodramatic that is what she needed.

I have not stopped praying for her nor asking god to bring enough light and love into her life in order for her to fully reach out.
Reiki of course, prayer meditation etc…clear the way.

I do not ever claim to have the mind of God so I can only hope.

Had others not done this for me and continue to do so I would not be here today.

This is my work this is what I feel so clearly drawn to doing. this is why I need your support to build my radio video and writings to reach people. Please pray about it. I have fought for so long and learned so much in the process I have no doubt i can help so many others. the fight is long and can be draining in ways we cannot fathom.

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To Empower. To inform. To be free.

Today I was reading my memories on FB one of the great things about FB is I can save my thoughts pictures interactions and bitching lol…I am pathologically disorganized.
So yay for FB.

..I saw in 2014 I reached out for help removing my ex from my words were carefully chosen and as  I hesitantly wrote I was seeking someone who could help me remove the ‘energy’…his energy was sick…mine was no better..I could literally feel the fear through the post. I was alone but had so many around me.

I had begun practicing Reiki in late 2013..I had done Reiki twice a day and prayed a certain prayer while lighting a,candle…it was,a prayer written by me…I still have it in my I meditated on the Reiki allowing god to empower me I would recite the prayer twice a day.

I could literally feel the energy changing..something changed in me as well not only did I wake up but I realized my gifts..what I WAS outside of everyone else.. so much was revealed to me at that time.

Although in my pain I was an ass needy and whiny. I was not a very good person back then. My soul changed my spirit made the connection to God who resided within me and I had feared and taken for granted for too long.

I became aware of that power. The loving but just and potent power of God.

The more I prayed the more I sent Reiki the more things changed…subtle at first then very obviously.

My ex became worse verbally but somehow couldn’t do what he used to…he used to kick me as I walked in front of him up the stairs..BIG man you know. 😬
At that time I would notice he did not come too close any longer.

He would stand in the yard and stare at me with a look of confusion as if he couldn’t figure out what had changed…..I saw my father then in his face. It was his script after all I was reading from. I don’t blame my ex fully because I was there too and my dysfunction aided and abetted his.. sad really.

In the end God heard me..he for the millionth time in my life intervened…this is not a sad post this is a grateful post…I never saw,anything change what is around me like I did and do when I meditated and sent Reiki..such a profound gift…God is great and I am too can you be if you simply make the connection to God in your way and your time…I pray you do… and receive beauty for ashes. 🙂 🙂  Thank you God in Jesus name. 🌹🌹💜

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

You are powerless. we all are,,wait what?

wide-hangingNot really..You and I….we are not powerless…..

Last Friday a group of Witches set out to ‘curse’ President trump.
They stated it was a binding’ not a take away his ‘power’..hmm funny way to put that. They ‘perceive’ him to be harming. Although many would beg to differ.
They presented their case to a skeptical as well as a fear weary society with their actions they loudly screamed “WE ARE POWERLESS SO WE MUST USE SPIRITS AND ENERGETIC MANIPULATION”.

I do energy work I use candles I use oils I use crystals I will read and pray the Psalms and if I have discovered someone is trying to send me shit I will spend hours sending it back to them. With a little added prayer that our good lord will save them with love and light but do not send me shit because I had a lifetime of shit sent to me. Because of that which was sent to me I do not do anything negative or controlling because I recall with profound clarity what it felt like.
I do not do negative workings and I define those as anything that is without permission or desires to take control I never send Reiki to anyone who does not give permission I do not pray or light candles EVER for those who do not ask I abhor when people pray for me without asking me AND I truly do feel it. I believe we do not know what people need to learn karmically or spiritual and why they might be going through some illness or negativity… we do not have the mind of God to know this well. discernment on every single work we do is absolutely essential.
there is the truth the lies the emotions and somewhere in the middle the real truth.
it was nice to read about those who were setting up protections and praying for this Country and our President. i did for all the presidents in the past and do so now. Whether I liked them or not and I am not a fan of politicians.

But I digress.

When I read the posts on ‘social’ media about how to do the light binding not evil they said just a light ‘binding’…I felt really bad bad in my bones…sad and pissed. Then i saw how karmically it will come back..the Witchcraft community will get huge backlash there will be more battles and they will be unable to do anything about it because their perceptions are based on illusions just as their critics base things on illusion.

There is going to be several holy wars one including witchcraft.

Some of my family were persecuted back when my grandmother was alive she told me stories of her sister my great Aunt being really persecuted for reading tarot cards and tea leaves she was also a medium…and the ignorance of the people who persecuted her was despicable. I have many generations behind me and I feel they are sad.
I am a Christian although many would disagree, but i am. I respect and admire the witchcraft community for their power healing love and respect for so much god has given us.

My Grandmother who obviously recognized my gifts always told me “don’t hang out your shingle too much’….”people don’t understand these things”.

A few hundred years ago witches were seen as devils spawn and evil children eaters who steal women’s husbands and sheep..back when sheep were important. Livestock in general. there were silly archaic laws that one if seen as a witch could be tortured and killed..good lord….

Witches were hung and tortured jailed beaten burned all over complete misunderstanding. their herbs were labeled “voodoo” and scary images of them abound in literature and then later in movies and TV.

The understanding of witchcraft was brought back what like 800 years on Friday with the push to ‘bind’ president Trump….personally I think they did it for show more than anything.

But now the absolute misunderstanding the public had about witchcraft and now feels justified for is complete.

If it can be reversed (this misunderstanding of witchcraft) I would be surprised shocked even.

The message Friday is one of poor sportsmanship..
(I didn’t like losing) the message of complete and utter dis-empowerment.. (I cant do anything in public like communicate with my Congress or Legislatures but must resort to spiritual/energetic manipulation) the message of closed minded self righteous souls who think they know everything but still can’t stand on their own they must use spirits.

I mean I actually understand their perspective on part..but witches as fear filled evil powerless people who turn to the darkness have been presented to the public. But this time by the Witches themselves.

The same people who cursed Trump to lose the election are now without explanation for why that failed doing it again..they never answered why the first 1000s of curses never worked?… the brunt of jokes the laugh of atheists the target for literalists..I am disturbed beyond measure…

Witches… publicly curse Trump with a “binding” spell. A message for America and beyond sent out to too many already misunderstanding and fear filled members of the public who see that witches who already tried to stop him from winning failed….yikes.I have read many comments and heard what people are saying..
..:( it’s bad.. good luck there. You all brought the devil that you don’t believe in back on yourselves and your community.
Fear filled hate induced literalist comments filled my mind as I read them.
“What do we expect they worship the devil”.
“Figures satan loving whores” I saw those actually comments.
‘They’re trying to bring the devil into America”……again.

I don’t know who they all going to bind when witchcraft again becomes the scorn of the public more than it already is?.

This is truly sad because people already had misinformation about witchcraft.they had hate..indignant condemnation,,bias.. they gave fuel to add to the fire with their show Friday.

I honestly think the ones who started it just wanted attention.

To the fearful public a “binding” is a demonic curse…they don’t care about the distinction.they want to hate witches….they couldn’t stop him (Trump) from winning the election..why would it work now..witchcraft a beautiful healing empowering modality/craft brought down to its knees by the attention seeking dis-empowering knee jerk reactionary fear filled group on Friday.

Anyone with an understanding of elites knows the absolute protections among other energy work they have in place. No one broadcasts it to the fear induced half asleep sheep though.

LEAVE THINGS ALONE AND HAVE FAITH GOD/GODDESS WILL WORK THINGS OUT. real genuine magic is standing on ones own two feet using ones voice and activism and support of those who will listen…checks and balances…and order…

The understanding of witches and what they do had come ten steps forward only to go twenty steps back.

Before you in your knee jerk thoughtless reactionary way condemn me…think about it…ask your guides and ancestors and really truly look…Wait for it….it’s coming…. 😦

Be safe be blessed I love you.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"