“Psychic’s In the Paranormal”

I am not a part of the paranormal community.

Since 2006  when I formed NESPARA my investigative group I  had just a devil of a time being accepted.

Mind you I am not crying over this, the paranormal community in great part  is cliquish and immature,very competitive and at times just plain weird.

It has gotten somewhat better and I do not speak of everyone just a select few the select few I had to deal with.

I learned quickly in 2006 that para-peeps did not like psychics oh my goodness they did not like psychics at all, I can’t speak for how they feel now because as I said I am not part of the paranormal community.

But  back then it was terrible…

I was laughed at mocked and even scolded for even considering using such “non scientific” techniques during an investigation.

It was insulting to say the least. Uncalled for.

Who wrote the book on “Paranormal Investigating” anyway?

How I investigated then and how I do now remains the same.

We break into groups a psychic with a non psychic investigator,the psychics, usually myself are asked to jot their feelings/senses down in a notebook while walking through the location while at the same time investigators are taking measurements Emf readings,temps doing evp sessions etc

Then we compare notes, if the psychic feels anything specific we go back to that location and take more measurements.

We have found that contrary to many people’s opinions on psychics this works very well. Psychics then guide the investigation.

It works for us.

And most of the time what the psychics pick up on is validated by the data picked up by the equipment.

Since then I have met para-peeps who have been supportive of this type of technique and even welcoming to psychics on their investigations, some have never changed their minds that psychics are NOT scientific.

Using a psychic on a paranormal investigation can be both valuable and time saving,there is good information psychics can pick up on during a walk-through and especially when activity is on the rise.

We should all learn to embrace each other and each other’s gifts and knowledge, none of us know everything especially when confronted with the unseen spiritual realm we have to learn every day.

I read a lot about paranormal unity and hope the people who promote it are ready to act on it!

Just my thought of the day!

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