A challenge to all my readers. ‘Open the eyes of your soul’

          It is fair to say we all look through our physical eyes to see the world and each other.

          How many men are ‘swayed’ in many different ways because a woman is pretty and shapely?

          How many woman are swayed because a man is handsome an packed?

          Many in this society wonder why there is so much apathy and meanness.

          Society seems to be filled with many people who want to repay violence for violence who make fun of those less fortunate then they,who post pictures on FB and videos on Youtube of children who are obese or disabled and laugh at them.

        These same people are those who DEMAND acceptance and equality for their own lifestyles and religions but mock others beliefs or lives.
        These people wonder why their lives are filled with so much unrest and why their own “love” is not returned in the way they want it…it is karmic you get what you give.
       We CANNOT expect things to be peachy in our own lives when we fail to live with kindness compassion and judgement free towards others and their decisions faith looks or disability.


When we change the way we view other’s and the world we will begin to see the changes manifest in our lives.

It is about self-empowerment. 
        Self empowerment is a necessity to bring about improvements and changes in our lives. meditation brings us closer to ourselves not only closer to God.

        It important to understand OURSELVES and why we think and feel the way we do before we can fully understand those around us.
       So again my challenge is this..begin to change the way we look around ourselves at the world at our situations, at each other.
      Faith is talked about in the Bible as well as elsewhere and faith is not just waiting for an outside source to change our lives it is about realizing that the source for change is already within us.

        Faith therefore is knowing we have what we need before we even achieve it.
Again I challenge you to change your outlook and in look for one week!

       You will be surprised. ♥ When we choose to look beyond and within we will see what is truly important and what truly matters,

       The soul is the truth of a person!

       Open your soul eyes and look you’ll see the difference. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥