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Read the label and pass the fries….

NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to ban Big Gulp sodas was shot down when a Judge decided it was invalid.

For one thing dairy based drinks like milkshakes would be exempt from the ‘ban’ even though they have a higher amount of sugar in them.

How Bloomberg thought he was combating obesity by banning the Big Gulp’s is not clear to me.

Meanwhile in Mississippi there was passed an “Anti Bloomberg” law which means essentially no one but the Legislature can ban anything.

Well that makes me feel better. :-/

That chuckling you hear is me.

Who does Bloomberg think he is I mean besides being the Mayor?

What is the point if any of taking fattening foods away from people, if not only for control.

There is more crap in the form of additives chemicals and hormones in foods and drinks that are slowly killing us after making us fat and slow then there will ever be in a Big Gulp soda.

Mr Bloomberg et al why are you not concerned with that?

Hmmmm I have a clue and it rhymes with “fa” “ling”.

When I started my radio show 3 years ago I set out to have a few guests do readings for callers and teach.  What I did not set out to do but have discovered I enjoy excessively is the research that comes with creating an informative show.

I love researching shows on UFOS  Aliens, and Bigfoot who is my all time favorite he is surprisingly cooperative.
When I got into the area of Conspiracies as in my shows on 9/11.

I was not so happy because what started out for me to be a what I thought would only be a delve into the minds and beliefs of who I thought were the semi-insane fabricators known as Conspiracy Theorists turned into being a discovery of  much more truth then I had expected or wanted.

So it brings me to today and to this blog.
Yes it really does.

Pepsi company was putting fetal tissue in it’s product as a “Flavor enhancer” google it it is true.
Why Pepsi needs to use fetal tissue as a flavor enhancer no one really knows.

Look at what is put into the fast food world’s  hamburgers.

My point is if someone truly cared  for the health and safety of the people of this Country they would ban a lot more then Big Gulp’s because Big Gulp’s are not the problem maybe they are a symptom but not the real problem.

If we allow people to control us by blindly following and believing all that they say and do we are risking putting ourselves at the beckon call of some pretty unscrupulous people. And once that happens it could very well be too late.

As a nation, as a people we need to first take responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives and then make our own decisions based on what we have learned.

Maybe instead of making fun of fat people and laughing at their expense we can try to figure out what is making them fat because there is a lot of trouble in food these days.

Especially for kids who are the real victims here.

Then we can begin to change things.

Otherwise someone else will take over.  And it is not going to help us to lead great lives when people with billions of dollars who are spoiled silly knowing they can “buy” anything they want even laws are running the ship.



Many people in this society wonder why there is so much apathy so much meanness.

Society in many ways  seems to be filled with people who want to repay violence for violence. People who make fun of those less fortunate, people who post pictures on FB and videos on YouTube of those who are obese or disabled and laugh at them.

Yes we as a society preach anti bullying my gosh there are movies made about bullying but do we really care?

Do we care or are these just facades that society puts on to make themselves look better?

We can only ask ourselves these questions and if we are honest we can find the truth. In ourselves.

Today i am working on ‘looking through the eyes of my spirit”.

We all look through our physical eyes to see the world and each other.

How many men are ‘swayed’ in many different ways because a woman is pretty and shapely? How many woman are swayed because a man is handsome an packed?
When we choose to look beyond and within we will see what is truly important and what truly matters,

The soul is the truth of a person!

Open your soul eyes and look you’ll see the difference

Make a true effort  to live with kindness compassion and judgement free towards others lives.

Open your soul eyes and look you’ll see the difference.

Through the eyes of your soul.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"