The Devil may care…or not because it’s our responsibility.

Because I suffered with attacks from dark entities and negative energies over a period of many years in my life people ask me often what should be done to facilitate a clearing in a persons life or home.

First I will tell them that while I do believe in demonic entities and I have been in the presence of a few of them. I do not believe everything negative is an entity.

I have learned however that ‘demonic beings’ are attracted to negative energy and it can be and usually is a breeding ground for much worse demonic activity unless something is done to clear and cleanse the energy.

If you live with or work with someone who is a negative Nellie ( I did and do) you can find yourself “catching’ their ‘bad moods’. 
If someone around you is in a terrible mood you can be perfectly fine but after being with them for a few hours you find yourself in a terrible mood as well like a cold we catch moods because the energy  like a germ moves between people. 

Here is an analogy I use~ if our spiritual immune system is compromised in any way we are going to get sicker.

Also negative energy attracts negative energy it is a lesson in simple physics.  We cannot have positive energy where there is negative they just don’t go together. They repel each other. Remember that. they repel each other.

We have to find ways to guard ourselves from the ‘germy’ negative energy.

While I believe traditional prayer is good I learned  that ‘asking’ for something is not the same as actively seeking it, and therein lies the important aspect in a clearing.

Simply put we have to “want” good energy.
Sometimes we have lived so long with negativity it feels so different and foreign to live with positive energy we choose to stay in the negative. Not because we want it but because it is so familiar.


Think of it this way, it would be great if God just wiped away everything negative in our lives but until our desire to have that negativity in our lives is wiped away anything that god or goddess does is futile. Let me add our ‘desire’ to have that energy in our lives is NOT sin or bad it is just human nature..tricky but not evil. 

Isn’t t better to teach our own children to fight against bullies sometimes then it is to fight for them,,I mean honestly how much do they learn if we do everything for them. 
Nice when we stay on the sidelines in case they need us but how much more powerful are they when they do it themselves!!!

I believe this is what god/goddess does for us.

We need to want our lives to be ‘clear’. We need to get to the point in our lives that we want our lives to resonate as much positive energy as possible.  This can get more and more difficult if there are not positive people in our lives and no positive energy to inspire us.

When that happens it is imperative to make sure we are keeping our selves spiritually healthy and guarded through meditation and energy work. We might just find our own good is catching and other people’s lives will be touched by ours.

In order to get to that place we need to look within and see where the ‘dark’ areas are in side, we need to look honestly and openly inside ourselves and see the dirt and darkness.  
It’s in there along with the light.

A lot of people deny negativity exists because it feels bad or they think it makes them look bad.  

It’s too bad because just because we don’t believe in something does not mean it isn’t true.

When I had sought help from the Church years ago during the time of my extreme haunting if that is the popular term for it nowadays, I was seeking relief from others from what I needed to recognize and do for myself- The choices I needed to make could not be made by someone else Priest, Bishop or Pope.
For goodness sake it was because of my inability to make clear and concise decisions I was battling with demons in the first place.

It is important to remember when we are involved with other people on any level we are interacting with their energy just as much as we are interacting with them.

When we are romantically or sexually involved with another person the bond or energy exchange becomes stronger if there is negative energy we allow that energy into our aura and can be influenced by it in very strong ways.

If we ourselves do not have strong boundaries we risk this energy coming into our own auras, our own energy fields and bringing more negativity with it.

Clearing and cleaning energy is not something I feel should be done by someone else I think it is great to help others with our discernment or even clearings from afar but nothing like that will be permanent unless we learn to recognize the energy around us and our responses to it.

If you want to clear your energy in your home walk around your home stand in each room close your eyes and just ‘feel’ the room.

I guarantee you will pick up the vibe of the room where it is heavier and where it is lighter .

I understand there are people who would rather you not know you can do this yourself but trust me you can. 

The same goes with cleaning your own aura but with much more concentration for me I had to start with meditation that was guided with a lot of healing imagary.

Breathing and getting in close with our feelings is just invaluable for the goodness of our souls.
.Giving ourselves a break for the mistakes we have made is also invaluable we cannot change if we cannot forgive and forgiving ourselves is just as important if not more as forgiving others I mean honestly we cannot truly forgive others if we are angry at ourselves.

Start to take a long look at how we react to things around us and recognize the different ways we respond and with what emotions that can tune us in to different hurts and scars we need to resolve.

I was terribly abused as a child I suffered from many years of negative energy and negative and demonic entities I do not call myself an “expert” but will say I have been around the block a few times and if I can get healed in such a drastic way so can anyone.

We all have the power within ourselves to do anything!

Happy Friday!

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"