Law Of Attraction…”I’m not getting what I want”….





“What is going on in my life”?      “WHY do I keep attracting men who are abusive?”
“Why can’t I find a good woman?”
“Why don’t I ever have any money?”

So many questions people ask me to answer when they come to me for advice.

It is suffice to say most people want a quick fix and really suffice to say many people want to pass the buck and have someone else ANYONE else fix their life.
But that will never happen.
For sure a major problem in life, in our spiritual world our auras energy fields
NOT taking responsibility. 

Sure we all take responsibility when awesome things happen in our lives, but how many of us take responsibility when nasty negative things happen?

Think about it?

And when we do take responsibility  what kind of responsibility is it we take?

What I have learned over the years is not so much how to take responsibility but WHAT to take responsibility for.

Let me give you an example.

I knew someone who was terribly abused.  They were abused by a male parent.
The abuse made a huge impression on their self beliefs.
What happened was they suffered not only abuse but then the ‘blame the victim’ tactic utilized by the majority of abusers.
“You made me do it” they would say..:” you were tempting me”  “you made me so angry I lost control its your fault”.

So what happens is the abuser passes on the responsibility and as a result  the victim does  take on the guilt of the abuse. They take on the fault.
If you are a victim of abuse in any form you must recall asking yourself “what did I do to deserve this?”

The answer is…nothing.

BUT  here’s where it gets tricky.

We not only assume the role of guilt but we perpetuate the abuse by believing we deserve it.

And when we BELIEVE we deserve something we expect it.
So that is the vibe if you will we send out, and what we send out we get back in return it is simple physics.

This is where mediation and a great sens of self comes in.  A deep an honest sense of self.

Sitting and relaxing deep breathing, being guided to a state of  calm and safety helps us to begin to look within at our own pains the wrongs that have been done to us and the ways we have perpetuated the wrongs by believing we deserved the treatment.
When we can quietly and gently look within and see ourselves honestly and openly we can then begin to heal by forgiving ourselves as much if not more then we forgive others.
Loving ourselves not lying to ourselves.
Understanding we have no control over anyone else but us and that is ok.

But the first step is for us to recognize our humanness in believing we deserved the harsh or negative treatment and by re-programming ourselves to know we never deserved it and do not deserve it now!

It is a process and our thoughts become habits that become hard to break.
The first step is the hardest but it can be done.

That’s why Mediation is so key in spiritual growth and psychic development.

Love of others so awesome but we cannot properly love others until we love ourselves in a healthy way.

When we begin to understand we deserve abundance and good things we will begin to see a change in what is going on around us abundantly!!

Blessings always!