“Why Can’t the Psychic Find a Cure For Cancer and other inquiries from My Fans”


Hey Christine if you are so psychic why cant you tell us what cures cancer?

I have been asked that question so many times I have lost count I was asked it  recently on a radio show  I was a guest on which was not necessarily supportive of me or my work.

Many times people expect Psychics to know everything.

Many Psychics have conveyed that they do know everything..not a good idea because it is not true.

But why can’t  I find a cure for cancer?

It’s a fair question.

Here is a fairer answer but my answer includes questions of my own.

Why can’t you ask  the politicians to stop supporting special interest groups and vice versa?

Why can’t  you ask them why they don’t refrain from prospering from the billion dollar industry known as cancer?

Why cant you ask them if they find a cure will that mean they will no longer be able to cash in on the billion dollar cancer industry?

Why can’t you understand that the powers that be have distracted us so much, turned us against one and other with race wars and religious wars,  class wars, educations wars.etc.so we wont notice what they do in front of us but behind our backs.

Why cant you understand that out of pure greed and desire for control and power people who have sold their souls to the devil are more concerned with making money and perhaps controlling the population,( I am not sure on that one yet) that they put hormones antibiotics, chemicals and additives into our food and drinks that clearly are cancer causing?

They know we know but they do it anyway,and because it is uncomfortable to us  to question itand makes us feel yucky when we think about it so we turn away and pretend not to notice.
When we should be asking them…why.

Complacency soon follows.

That they the powers that be create genetically modified crops and spray the fields with Herbicides that are so poisonous we would no doubt weep if we really knew what they contained.


That we should be ashamed of ourselves for not knowing that the Herbicide resistant weeds and crops are causing the farmers to add yet more chemicals to the herbicides that are slowly but surely seeping into our bodies our minds our earth and our waters.

That we would die if we knew what they do to our health and the health of our children our earth our water our lives.

That these genetically modified or engineered crops have been proven to contain cancer causing chemicals no doubt mainly from the herbicides they are sprayed with.

But the company that puts them out is under no obligation to label them as such.

But you ask me a Psychic why I cant find a cure?

You can’t be serious.

Here is where I want to point out a double standard and the absurdity of this Country and it’s “laws” and it’s “Care” of us it’s citizens.~


Herbs have been eaten for their health inducing properties for thousands of years.

Properly trained Herbalists know exactly what herbs can, and what herbs cannot do.

However  drugs companies, who have been forced to pay millions of dollars to avoid court action over claims that they hid research studies showing negative sometimes deadly results from their drugs..how many 3 minute long commercials do we see about one medication that helps for asthma or lowers cholesterol with 30 seconds of the commercial telling us what the drug does to ‘help us’ then the rest of it tells us what it can do to hurt us..sometimes KILL us.

No herb  has ever been been promoted as a healing treatment or preventative measure , only to be subsequently ´withdrawn´ after causing deformity, heart attacks and/or death.

Taking a cocktail of prescription medicines, not herbs, is a common cause of death.

Our Government upholds our freedom to choose to buy cancer cigarettes over the counter throughout America even though they have clear health-damaging & cancer causing risks, BUT this same Government it will not give you the same freedom to choose to buy natural compounds like herbs coffee beans or other “natural” cures.

Have you now noticed it is strange they feel the need to be protect us  from eating herbs,using coffee beans, drinking raw milk  but not smoking cigarettes or drinking  alcohol?

But genetically engineered food , rarely if ever, goes through rigorous Government regulation or independent research and was created synthetically only a short time ago.  Yet they are allowed to sell it unlabeled.

The world is a very mixed up place.

Why don’t you ask the politicians why they are not exploring those treatments?


Why don;t you ask them why they do everything to discredit people who are trying to freely share information about them?

why don’t you ask them why they are allowing Monsanto to push genetically engineered foods into our stores with NO LABELS but attack Dr Oz with vigor because he pushes coffee beans?

I think then you will have your answer as to why  a psychic can’t fund a cure for cancer.

Something is wrong here and it has nothing to do with the Psychics.

Wake up America..the devil is alive and well but he’s not where you think.