“When there are monsters on top of the bed and under the bed”


The beautiful baby in the above photo is Jeida Torres she lived in NYC she was three years old she was as seen in the above picture, cute as a little angel…her smile was bright and infectious.

She had her whole glorious life ahead of her.

She died last week after her ‘stepfather’ beat her to death because she ‘soiled’ her pants.

I won’t say much about him. I have my own monsters to contend with.

Since the day I watched the news story about her I can not get her out of my mind.

I am a psychic very empathetic and sometimes this happens to me I guess my empathy is such that I feel the emotions coming from her. The emotions that may have surrounded her.
I feel she suffered,badly.

I sense she felt every blow.

I intuit she was scared and confused. that she called for Mommy.

I feel she passed on in that state of terror confusion and trauma.

I watched and read in utter disbelief when the relatives of the “man” who killed her rushed to his defense.

“He feels awful” they said.

“He is in shock” said another.

Not one mentioned that little baby.

I sensed their satisfaction over being mentioned in the news..“How cool” it was to be on the news.

The loss of the child secondary to being on TV…..of being mentioned in the newspaper.

I wondered what little Jeida would have dressed up as this Halloween?
A Halloween she would have probably understood more than anyshe had celebrated before.

I had flashbacks of both my girls when they were 3.
My oldest dressed as the “Virgin Mary” at a Harvest party.
Politely marching through the Church collecting candy and prizes, huge infectious smile on her face as she celebrated, her joy tangible.

My youngest dressed as “Strawberry Shortcake” timid at first but when she discovered the neighbors were giving out candy she boldly marched to the doors not just saying “trick or treat” but saying “Hi how are you tonight?” “Trick or Treat.”  😀

I found I have had a deep ache in my heart since.
Both an ache of love for my two girls that will never be paralleled as I recall them in the stages of their lives. But also an ache for that little girl above whom I never met.
A grief because she deserved that joy but it was robbed from her.

I learned she was in the ‘system’.

We have a system to protect our children.
Did you hear me? We HAVE  a system in place to protect our children.

The people from the system checked on her the night before she was beaten to death.
They said she was “Okay”.
Did you hear me? I said we have a system in place to protect our children.

I looked on Twitter and saw little to nothing…just rage filled insults and death threats wishes of anal rape in prison and so on.
I looked on Facebook for a page I could like to offer my condolences,,my prayers or more likely to just make a donation to her family so she could have a beautiful funeral if they needed it.

I saw nothing.

ZERO posts,
ZERO pages calling for a change in the ‘system’ that clearly does not protect our kids. I saw ZERO posts or pages calling  to bring justice to the man who did it,ZERO mention of her.

She was innocent and suffered greatly at the hands of her caregiver.

But there was nary a word about it except for the the article in the Newspaper and the news segment.
Most commentators blamed the Mother for allowing her to be with the step-dad.
No one mentioned the ‘system’ that is in place to protect our children.
A system who receives FAR more money then any single Mother does to pay for a babysitter or for child care.
The system got off Scott free…yet again.
I grieve for the Mother..no Mother should bury a child NO Mother should bury her child.
I am aghast at the people who callously blame her. Dropping words not fit for human consumption freely posted under the protection of anonymity of the internet….mean nasty trolls who have little if anything to offer the world as we know it but have a great influence then we should be comfortable with.
It did not escape my attention that not one expressed how tragic a loss this truly was.
How sorry they were to the survivors.

Certainly some cases attract attention more than others.
It does seem to be that the more wealthy and dare I say more ‘white” children who are victims receive more “Pages’ and mentions for Justice then minorities.
But what I found and have noticed for a couple of years now is how people have developed over the decades a care and concern for the welfare and safety for animals.
If I attempt to adopt an animal from certain organizations I will practically have a background check from the FBI and still be refused.
Not saying it’s wrong just saying I have notice the great lengths people have gone to protect our animals.
But here is what I discovered from further research:

Since the death of Jeida I have seen (I counted) 708 posts about dogs being ‘rescued” from abuse and neglect..(I have under 2000 friends).
16 pages about “Justice for abused animals” and I lost count of the FB users posts on those pages and threads. 10 videos of dogs being beaten..dogs having been dumped and abused. An extremely graphic video of Dogs being slaughtered for dinner in or around Asia. (I am not sure how cows are an exception)

Don’t get me wrong I love dogs I love Cats,horses birds etc.. I care greatly about the animals in this world.

But something is surely wrong here when we do not have the same diligence for our kids.
Our helpless innocent kids.

Can I blame Disney? Should I even go there?

Disney has created a vast animated world in which we have learned to love and adore animals but to be wary of and not tolerate people.

People are ‘sneaky’ we are show in nearly every movie about animals…but the animals who can and do talk are to be revered and held above all others.
Bambi was a clear example of that.

Can I blame Barney?
We grew up watching purple dinosaurs who sang with us and taught us the ABCs and numbers.

Can I blame the tellatubbies?.
Little funny beings from space entertained us for a great deal of our formative years.

Can I blame Sesame Street?
Birds, and elephants were our ‘friends’ in grade school as we went everyday to “Sesame street”

I won’t blame any of those because it is obviously the role of the parent to teach respect,in my opinion we need to ‘earn respect from our kids not teach it but I digress.
it is clear there is an influence out there in the world to teach our kids those things.

There are no pages for a little lost 3 year old girl who was beaten to death for soiling her pants.
There will be little to no justice for this little girl because no one cares and it shows…It painfully shows…
She is another voice that was left unheard.
Another light snuffed out too soon.

But pat yourself on the back because the dogs are safe.

When you get old…
When you can’t move…
When you soil your pants…

It won’t be the animals who will be taking care of you…….humans matter too.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"