Merry Christmas~What we are living for we will die with.

Today is a day that I am most Thankful for because this year has been a battle and a time of great trial.
A “trial” of great blessing” as I am learning to recognize it.
But as I sit here smelling my batch of cookie which we were unable to get last year but did this year…yay!!    I recognize the love that is from God.
Not that I didn’t before but let’s face it sometimes it is hard to feel you are loved. Job 30:20
I think….I ponder I ask myself questions that I used to ask God…more about that later. I have read and am reading the book of Job and it speaks to me…oh my how it speaks to me…Job is my main man right now for understanding life and God I suppose in one aspect.
I look at the beautiful faces of my kids and family and friends I realize life is about much more then being successful in business or career, life is not about how much money or material things we obtain because when we die those ‘things’ will not matter…
God has allowed me the gift of being brought deeply into darkness and at times I became hideously afraid and angry and felt sorry for myself lol ..but as a result I have learned what really matters.
In the end God has shown me his light and his love and proven to me they are beyond words to describe and more powerful then any force on earth or below the earth.
The things that matter here and beyond have nothing to do with money or fame or houses or cars..but everything to do with being grateful, just because we ‘are’ alive because we have life, because we have our families, our husbands and kids etc who while they may annoy us or get us aggravated are still’ours’. Cherish them because someday they will be gone.
Years ago when I was living in my car I used to attend a charismatic prayer group in Meriden.
Lovely people but I noticed one thing, during the meetings they would hold their hands up in praise to God and sing and what not…during the time for everyone to share I asked them if they would still praise God and thank God, would they love God if their raised ranches were gone and they had to live in their cars?
Would they love God and hold their hands up in praise if they lost their jobs and had to use a food pantry? Would they love God if every”thing” was suddenly gone.
The room filled with silence as I am sure many places would fill with silence from many who ponder that question.
A nice little old lady who I used to sit next to asked me to leave I am not kidding she said I was rude to say such things…I did not leave but still no one answered…I was a bit embarrassed but stuck to my point. It is easy to say life is a blessing and not about material things when you have them, it is easy to love God when all is well. But would you if it was all taken away and you were left in your proverbial birthday suit?
How different we would all be if we stood in front of each other naked and without our ‘airs’…today I am so thankful to be alive..
I am so thankful to understand the ridiculousness with which the world judges each other…I am thankful that I have my mansion here in Waterbury and God has blessed me with all that we need.
This “God” thing is easy enough….it’s the people thing that gets in the way.

Merry Christmas….I love each and every one of you!

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"