Momma’s milk and those who refuse the truth.

In 2014 i wrote a blog post entitled “why Can’t the Psychic Cure Cancer?”
I had a comment posted on this blog post the other day.
It begs to be shared publicly.

Here is the blog post.


Here is the comment.

SAL JUNE 16, 2016 @ 1:22 AM EDIT

doesn’t really answer the question. “They” the bad people you are talking about don’t give us these answers because they are corrupt and evil. YOU however can see into the future but for some reason can’t find out what the cure to all diseases are? They are EVIL and you are a LIAR. Closed.

Here is my answer to Sal and those like him.

First who the hell do you think you are coming on my blog and calling me a liar? In full anonymity as well.
Lost any respect I might have had for you otherwise.
Big guy hiding behind your computer unknown to the rest of us leaving nasty comments on a blog. Doesn’t help your point.
I saw your comment on a day I should not have.
I cannot stomach people like you anymore.
You did not read the blog at all did you.
The blog post (so you can grasp) is to cause people to think.
Thinking… that lost science people used to have..for themselves.
It flew right over your head I see.
We live in an entitled world Sal and people like you who are unable to think for themselves are part of the biggest evil going on.
You hide, I might add..behind your keyboard and demand that people give you answers to questions that have already been answered but you do not like what you have heard.
Sal you have latched so madly onto your cognitive dissonance you are like a baby with your big titted Momma’s nipple shoved firmly down your throat keeping you nourished like the baby you are and when Momma changes the milk you fail to see it because you are like an infant unable to do anything on its own.
So you drink what you think nurtures you but is actually killing you.
And when you are when faced with the truth of your own failure to grasp said truth, viciously you rush back to Mommas nipple now compelled to lash out at anyone else other than yourself if they point out your own inability to find the answers.
You are unable to see the truth and that truth is YOU cannot think for yourself.
Even IF I offered up cures on my blog no one would believe it.
Even if I posted the names of the herbs and spices and organic foods that are healing and soothing..that can fix our broken bodies and save us all loads of money. The entitled would not believe it. It is too far for them to swim.
The entitled who prefer for reasons I have yet to grasp, not to think for themselves would not believe it.
People much like your self would incredibly deny those self evident truths and find another way to blame me and others who have encouraged people to think to search and to understand (on their own) all that we question..all we are searching for.
The bigger evil than Pharma or any other LIES causing this world suffering lay in the complacency of those who demand everything be done for them even thinking.
You and people like you are the main problem not the powers that be seeking control but the weak chicken shitters who hide behind their computers and give control to to them.
Then to further compound an ever growing problem attack people who encourage ones own thinking.
Good going Sal.
They are EVIL and you see that but still attack me.
You SAL are the bigger LIAR. CLOSED!!!”
By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"