“Weeding through the flowers”

Sometimes we get caught in the idea that weeds are a problem,
We want a wonderful green shiny lawn and when weeds grow in along side that perfect green lush lawn we get frustrated and begin our search for any product that can rid us of these pests.

We will use “ANYTHING as long as it gets us what we want.
What we think we need.

But do we really know what we need?
Do we really assume to posses the mind of God enough to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we want is what God wants for us too?

What is best for us?

When we look through the weeds in our yards we  can realize the metaphor to life it holds.
Sometimes our lawns are not so green and not shiny  and in their appearance they are faded and tired looking “oh my” we think “what will the neighbors think of me when they see my lawn all yucky and weedy”?  “Overgrown and crowded” as one of my neighbors described hers.
When we stop and look through books we can find that weeds are very powerful things.
For instance a dandelion which will grown in droves and many who view them as pests. kill them  failing to see their worth.
Dandelions are a wonderful healing plant they can disinfect the kidneys and cleanse the liver.
Yarrow is also found on some of our lawns and is a wonderful addition to our kitchen list of spices and herbs that can aid in our healing from the flu.

Can you imagine  the irony that resounds through the universe when a person who is so  displeased with the way their lawn looks they go and spray some toxic poison on it to rid themselves of the unsightly plants they have no idea can help save them from the very illnesses the poisons can cause.
Such is life when we view it from the same sad perspective.
People who come into our lives who we refuse to consider for a friend because they are fat or poor or they might seem to be a tad bit less intelligent then us.
We have gotten ourselves into the god of abundance the same way by viewing this world as a place where things matter so much more then what is the true essence of life love and spirituality.
That what hurts may be devilish or a punishment, that sacrifice is worthless and stupid.
That the patience we find from being ill is archaic and out dated.
We gladly and feverishly deconstruct that which has been taught for many years as the basis for strong spirits.  For becoming closer to God and the attributes of God.
I have lived a life that has been one of riches being brought up in an upper middle class home but in abject poverty in the way I was treated.
I have lived in my car slept in a bush and been the victim of abuses as well as been on the receiving end of loving and generous gestures.
I have seen the yin and the yang of much both materially as well as spiritually and have learned tat both matter very much.
I have learned not to judge others ( still trying) nor to judge myself based on one or two of those aspects.

I have seen the lawn from both sides. I have viewed the weeds as being am ugly pesty thing and then thankfully I came to learn they were indeed not how I perceived them to be at first.
good thing because they have helped me immensely.
I am happy I did not fully close myself off from seeing the goodness in everything otherwise I would not have grown as much as I have,.
Because some ‘things’ are not to our liking does not mean they are bad for us. See the blessings in and through all in our lives God knows what we need.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"