Selling our souls and our minds to the devil…

Sometimes we have ‘agreed’ to a contract in our lives more than likely in our young childhood to do act and attract different situations people and energy. I wish I knew why we do this I suppose it is simply because we are human and the influences of those around us and their own agreements would have us repeat the same.
As an example in my own journey when I grew up and people were dabbling in the more negative of energies, I saw this and in my small mind or I should say young mind 😉 I felt I should be obeying my such I made an agreement or a contract.

Many years later I learned I did not want to do those things nor attract those people etc but because of  ‘spiritual law’ I had to undo what I had agreed to. DEPENDING on what was involved and what spirits might be attached what physical issues are manifesting it does not leave us overnight.

If we agree to a contract for poverty we can not rid ourselves of the poverty if we are only asking for abundance and healing of our lives.
We must find the root cause of the poverty whether mental emotional or spiritual and deal with it. It can be something as simple as agreeing to poverty along with our family of origin..then show itself through symptoms of self sabotage or ‘crossing’ oneself.

It is a tangled web we weave because when spirits sense the imbalance they are attracted to it and then it gets complicated especially when they attach onto it.

On top of that when other people, and we all perceive more than we accept,when other people sense we are vulnerable they attach or manipulate or seek us out so we can enable them.
It is not fair and in my opinion an insult to God both in Gods great love and greater power when we blame the devil for everything.
We make our own messes and need to get ourselves out certainly seeking help from God and angels when we need it but not to deflect or to free ourselves from responsibility. Blame in ALL of its forms is dis-empowering.

If a psychic vampire is in our lives sucking our energy. Stop feeding it.
I speak as an expert of blame and expert of ‘the devil made me do it’ theory which I held for years. All it did was keep me limited and helpless. BUT the moment I accepted responsibility was the moment freedom rang and the time when God and all my guides came into my life showing me exactly where when how and h\why the limits we placed and the blocks were placed. Took me several years and work on myself but I did it..I wish you could know me from 10 years ago and see the different now. Like night and day that is how great God is.

Definitely at many times a placebo effect. I suppose it is in a bit of reverse in effect but still there.
Can you imagine  finding out a curse or purported ‘demonic’activity was merely a suggestion and the most power came into it from our own belief in it…how humiliating and tragic.
Some people like the illusion. They simply like the sense of martyrdom and attention.
Let me tell you something about the demonic they thrive on illusion nothing is real to them they create nothing they have NO power, they have nothing of themselves any where at anytime in anyway…it is all counterfeit.
Demons are empowered by the acceptance of that illusion by others.
If we encounter one or two we must learn to say no and find out in ourselves where the weaknesses lie and work on that. That will bring us to healing and wholeness that will strengthen us to be able to fight.

Soul retrieval removing contracts inner healing all of these are wonderful tools to further our healing work with others and keeping the negative out of our lives.

Don’t be afraid to research and reach out there are so many times of healing waiting for you. Be willing to invest and be humble accept responsibility, don’t blame!

Get up.   RISE UP…be empowered…

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

When a spirit is NOT demonic…helpful hints.

Imagine if you die and you are a jerk a horrible little jerk.

Will you get on a bus and go somewhere else and change?

Not likely.

There are spiritual can also call them boundaries I suppose..correct me if you want I may be using the wrong words. These laws are in place just like laws of nature and laws of physics.
After having done this type of work for the years I have and the haunting I went through myself I have found this to be very true.
So when we are working in the spiritual realm it is important to know which type of spirit we are working with or as it were against.

For instance if a person comes to me who has an attachment and it is not a demonic attachment it will do very little good to command it to leave or to try to bind it.throwing salt and or blessed water on it may help somewhat but it will not solve the issue…please understand I use the word ‘bind’ in the sense of stopping it from moving or acting, not in the spell type of binding.
If you throw holy water on an jerk does it deliver you from a jerk? Nope.

Just as a demonic being cannot be healed, a human spirit generally can’t be cast out.
We can command them we can do a working against them but in the end people have free will and must be persuaded to leave us alone even then sometimes they do not.

If the person they are attached to has not been counseled to have an understanding of their own part in the attachment and what weaknesses led them to be a target in the first place nothing will stay away it is a law.

If we do a working we need to connect with the archetypes or angelic beings who can push them or persuade them along. but the understanding and the awareness of the client must be present.

We as workers must learn to discern and we must learn to consider all options.

I worked with a client once he was simply awful just so mean and crude.
I sensed an energy around him..sat and meditated using my intuition to see what it was around him. the energy was thick nasty and just draining.  This happens very often and is to be expected.

He had reached out to me for help but when I tried to help him he became just vicious now here is the important part as spiritual workers as investigators who want to help clients we MUST not allow ourselves to be turned away from helping anyone even if they are terribly nasty to us.

We MUST be able to see the whole situation because if we can’t see it we will be influenced through our emotions in the way that is easiest for the demonic to use against us.
Or the human spirit who can and often times does masquerade as another type of entity.

In the case of the gentleman client he had come to see me all was okay thankfully then  a few hours after he left and I was intuiting what was around him he called me up swearing and cursing me.
Not a pleasant thing.

The reason he did this is because he had a female spirit attached to him he had picked up at a location he had been in.
She had become threatened.

It is like if our immune system is down we can be around  germs and get sick if our spiritual immune system if you will is down we are more susceptible to being attached by things, spirits human and non can attach if we are not immune, if we are not strengthened.

In his case the woman had been attached to him for several years he had assumed the activity in his home was due to demons and had a blessing even a small ‘exorcism’ done.
He was losing faith which was leaving him even more open to attacks.
People around him were unsuccessful at ‘delivering’ him but instead of fessing up to their failure (intent not questioned.. I am certain they tried and wanted to help) blamed him. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen.
So you see how a situation that is bad can get worse.
Had I seen it for a demonic situation he would have gotten worse not better.
But to get back to the topic at hand. The attachment the man had was a human spirit a nasty one and had attached to him and was influencing him emotionally to the point of near possession.
It was she who was angry at me for threatening her attachment, she was jealous and clingy no doubt how she treated people in life she continues to do so in death.
It was she who was rude and crude etc…
But being a human being she was not able to be cast out.
We have free will.
But she was driving him mad.
Each time he was affected it weakened his energy field and allowed her to get stronger. After awhile more spirits would move in some human others not.
He may have never been helped.

When there is an attachment on or in our energy field or our aura it can be removed but if it is not seen for what it is exactly it will not be.
It is like operating on a ruptured appendix via through the heart.

Not going to help even if the one operating is a trained surgeon if the root cause is not understood it will perhaps soothe some symptoms but will never heal the disease.
if the disease is soothed but ignored it will get worse.

There are times when spirit attachment is not evil it is no the devil is is not demonic you cannot imagine the disruption of the energy field and our COLLECTIVE energy field,when something like this is done erroneously the effect on our world is great.

At some point we need to think outside the box and stop trying to be ‘the right ones” or be the “truest religion” stop judging and actually seek to help to seek to bring peace to the world and see every person as a child of god.

A good intention and a decent heart are what matters in this work.


To talk to a human spirit is a great thing to do to sooth them to let them know all is okay and they can let go to the light to find peace to know they are in the presence of god and all can be worked out…just as a psychologist can help a person here on the physical realm we can help a person in their spirit body trying to find peace.   I can put a whole bunch of what I do and say in these circumstances but that is what I do, and it is different in each situation…we all learn that different energy work helps for different situations.  I believe all of us as spiritual workers have a way to reach out to these human spirits to help them so please find someone who understands this and who will not be so close minded to think there can never be a human spirit involved…we have free will and sometimes human spirits do not move on.  Sometimes just as in life they attach to others through cords and it takes work to resolve this.
It does not mean every spiritual issue is involving a human attachment but it does mean it can be the case.
Being able to discern the cause whether of human  or inhuman origin makes a lot of difference.

Thank you for reading my blog I truly hope you find my words helpful.






By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Some messages from ghosts…


Below is a series of messages  presumed to have been received and I say presume because how the heck can I prove it.. 😉 from 2 spirits contacted in a clients home. At least I think it is two. have at it any senses or feelings please let me know.  🙂


Protections were practiced.
Messages in bold.


“12:45 a:M”

“Can you come and speak with me”




Did you mean to say yes?

‘terribly years”


angels you

You lived terribly for years?



Are you okay?




do you remember how you passed?


“I am still”


You are still what?


(Not even remotely what I expected…)


Tell me what do you what to say to me?








“call me”…


I guess I had already.

Call you ?

“phone me”


Gave me the chills here.


Can I call you on the phone?




Are you human?



are you inhuman?




what kind of being are you?

Let me rephrase I apologize are you demonic?




Are you a human being?



did you love anyone in life?


What was your name?




ah ok what IS your name.



It got much more active at that point…


Writing out…


call me on the phone 

say it

in that room.

I’m scared ma.

tell me why 

call me

I cant see can…


breathe its warm.

where is it? 

^^ these messages are yet to be deciphered if ever…

But read on.


Can you tell me do you see a beautiful light anywhere?



Hi, Can you tell me do you see a beautiful light at all anywhere?

note: I do not always say this to my spirits because some may not have chosen to go into the light some may have embraced a more darker energy. Not my judgement to cast. I do not feel I have the right to send anyone anywhere..only to their own right place of existence.




“God is a loving God, our creator is okay and God as our creator would like you to find your peace to be reunited with him now you are not in this life anymore and God is so happy to have you back can you see any light it must be  very peaceful.”
I realize my use of pronouns was not so unbiased and i did not really ask a pointed question.



you too.


Yes I know you can see us…can you go into it ? You will find some of your loved ones who have passed away and you can see them again.

“Call me”

“I fell”

you see me

you fell?



Okay well you are not falling now.



Do you want to do anything now? Is there anything we can help you with?






Should we light candles?


Or are you saying Nooo lights?

ligyts  misspelled.

I will light some candles at Church for you and also in my house if you want.


Chris….pause…call me

in the kitchen

We moved to the kitchen


“is this better?”


the messages were spaced out some took an hour or more after asking. most were in minutes.

Are you at peace?





are you okay?

yes sure

Are you scared?

some time

are you afraid? deliberately asking in  different ways.



Are there more people with you?


How many?


do they see you?


can you see any light?



can you go into it?



don’t know how.

breake the mounds.

brake the minds.



I am not sure what this meant ^^^ my understanding is that it might have been conveying confusion of the light and his or her mind( my understanding it was a male)but I am still unsure. I am not putting my psychic impressions in this writing.


call me

in the kitchen 




yes wrote right write…



Why are you scared?


My mind.
his mind.


I want to go 

my mom combs..


Then it ended.


Will post more as I get more.








By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Rappoport: this is a crime that could sink Hillary

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This is a crime that could sink Hillary—I mean it

The Clintons: how Putin grabbed a fifth of all US uranium

by Jon Rappoport

October 11, 2016

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No. It couldn’t be. It’s unbelievable. It’s too insane. Nobody could get away with a crime like this.

But it’s true. And the Clintons have gotten away with it.

She’s staggering toward her goal, the US Presidency.

He already was the President.

So…what is the uranium scandal?

The what??

Before I quote a NY Times piece, understand this: the Clintons have been running a parallel operation to the government, in the form of a Foundation that is taking in cash from people who want political favors. Just suppose a few donors who are ponying up those $$ want to sell a company to the Russians. But because this company deals…

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Blame takes away our power.

Some people believe demonic activity happens all the time..others believe it never happens some people fall in the middle.
is the devil behind everything?

For me this is a hard question because of my background and the severe activity I went through that was documented I had to wean myself off of the knee jerk beliefs that all which is negative or painful is demonic.

That is truly not the case.

We have free will
We make a lot of our own energy.
We ‘attract’ negativity into our lives.
We can and many many times do ‘cross’ ourselves.

Not all that is dark is evil God uses everything to lead us to where we need to be.

We are smart (mostly) 😉  and gifted, we are able God has made us that way..God has given us gifts and abilities and POWER,we have power, we are like god.

BUT  with a small G.

This understanding this revelation need  not to taken away from the praise or worship of the creator because only the creator is to be praised but we share in those gifts.
We really do.

There are those who lead and those who follow and it happens to be more prevalent in this day and age where those who lead decide they want to dis empower others more so they can take and teach it all.

Not everyone who leads is up for total domination  and not everyone who follows is bending over in servitude.

And before it seems I want  to lay blame on them solely there are those who simply want to be told what to do think believe and where when how..and there is a need for rules and laws and obedience…. well you get my point.

No one can control those who are not willing to be controlled…and that is true of demonic activity.

The demonic cannot invade where it is not able to.
The trick is to find out where the permissions lay.

When I was young I was led.
When I got older I was rebellious but surprisingly I still made the same choices I was told to make when I was young.
My point is we choose when and where to be controlled even when we are not aware.

I don’t know why.
Suffice to say human behavior is pretty predictable.

But the devil is not in every detail is he? Hmmmm

To say the devil is taking over the world or the devil ruined my day or the devil got me fired or whatnot  is to realllly insult God don’t you think?
Does believing that empower us?
Sometimes people will hit me with a whole bunch of fear..”Christine the democrats are taking over the USA”…or “Christine the republicans are taking over the USA” both are equally scary..lmao
I say “oh well God won” that’s it god won..if God wants us to be safe we will be safe..whatever happens to us God will be there with us and certainly for us so it doesn’t matter.
If my life has proven anything to me it is that.


if we choose to believe the devil is  in everything I wonder if it does not lead us to fail more than it does not.

A failure to simply not work through anything because if it is not our fault then we are not responsible to fix it.
We want to avoid the consequences of our actions and inaction’s so we blame.

As soon as we blame others, the devil or parents or husband or wife we have failed.
As soon as we blame the devil we hand over our power. Given up our power right there because once it is believed we are not to blame we will not fix anything at all that needs to be fixed and we will stay helpless for the rest of our lives waiting for someone to come in on a white horse or a black one and sweep us up.

Not going to happen ever.

Not through a Church or a Psychic or a rabbi or a Teacher or anyone.

One of the best and most powerful prayers I ever said was when i was going through some intense activity a few years ago..actually about 10 years.

I realized the activity in my home was there and it was not something natural but no matter the prayers I said nothing stopped it.

“Dear god show me where I am too weak” “Show me where the weakness are so I can get control of them”


The weaknesses I needed to master not the entities because they were just attaching to anything they could use in order to stick around.

It was then I began to be enlightened and realized I was indeed enabling those darned entities.
I recall sitting down every single night in 2008 and 9 practically every single night and meditating on where how what I did when I was a child to contribute to the abuse that happened.

It was just awful.

Because I did contribute.

I sat in a cross legged position looked in a mirror and asked myself to go back to those times and look at everything. I recall speaking from my heart to my god and saying “I do not want to blame the devil or any person anymore I want to know where I failed”
I was not condoning the anything just looking for my part in it.

And 30 + years later  in 2008 I had to fess up. fess up to God and myself. I had to take a good long look into the mirror and truth be told I did not like what I saw.

The details matter not.

The story ends the same, I learned.. I was guided I was given understanding I was forgiven.
But the empowerment that it gave me was incredible and that is when I began to really heal.

A client I worked with a few years back had a huge spiritual issue and I mean HUGE.
As a medium I could sense it hear it feel it see it in my dreams ooh my you bet it was there.
They smell..demons really smell. I know they are around at times because of the smell.

A soul retrieval was what worked when we learned she was holding onto the pain that a childhood caregiver had caused her and had disassociated from it.

It was not a battle it was not a war there was no fighting or screaming the manifestation of the demonic was limited to a battle of the will the will to let go that was it her guides came in led her down the paths of time and instructed her on what to do and how to do it..I did not do anything actually.just supported the end she and I hugged and she said “I had no idea how easy it would be”… we understood at that moment that the demonic was lying . it was trying to appear stronger than it was. trying to make it look like the problem was much more intense then it was.
That was the extent of its power.

The point is even if the devil is around not everything is cause by the demonic not every sad situation or trying time is caused by an enemy.  Not everyone is after our souls. God has our souls god has made us in his image and he has created our souls and we are precious to God.

If I had still held a more literal view I might have given up on that woman and sent her to a Psychiatrist and told her “it’s all in your head”.  She would have lived with that entity the rest of her life who knows.   Happily there are professionals who see the value of the spiritual and vice versa.

Or if I had been scared and ‘indoctrinated” I might have told her she could only get help from a clergy member and the battle of wills would have caused it to simply manifest more and may have really backfired.
You cannot cast out what is part of the person and you cannot get rid of what the demonic is attached to unless it is healed.

It was human behavior human mistake that got her in trouble with the entity in the first place.  it was a simple act of returning to the ‘scene of the’ pain and trauma where God worked a miracle and she learned a whole lot about forgiveness that day. Of letting go and letting God and i learned that God can use anyone but we have to ask and allow ourselves to be led.

Maybe the devil is in the details but he is not in the whole story.
when we limit our taking responsibility we limit god.
We should try to see gods direction his leading us in everything we do say and where we go.
Blame is never an option.



By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Be the light in the Darkness be the wounded healer…

My life is NO LONGER an example of pain and suffering my life IS an example of empowerment…a tangible sign that god exists and he is not in a box but is the box that is INSIDE of us, in the heart of the people who call to him…that no matter what darkness we are immersed into no matter what is done to us or through us, god is faithful he can and does change us giving us “Beauty for Ashes” how long or in what way he does it is not written in stone or given to us in a certain dogma or is written in our souls in our spirit. We are united to God our creator as a baby is united to her Momma.

We have already won this battle the only thing left to do is to CLAIM the victory but not become complacent or blind to life sitting passively in wait for a savior to fix things..we are entitled to nothing more than what everyone is. Instead we are called to share in the duties of the savior..every trial every pain every instance in our life is an opportunity to understand this world to love more to forgive more fervently both ourselves and others, to heal and wound to become the storm and the calm within….how much understanding can we have to a damaged person if we too become damaged? how much more will we seek to restore wholeness to others if we have our sight restored? Thank God for all we go through.
BE the wounded healer.

Have a blessed day everyone thank you for following my blog and reading I hope my words help.
Christine Corda

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Curses with or without addendums

When I was a child I was abused and I was abused not just the ‘regular’ way..but also in a very heavy duty spiritual way.

Their power was abused.
They had no ethics.
They betrayed me.
They hurt me.
They dis-empowered me at every level.

They had followed the path of evil they had made their pacts with the devil but it wasn’t done the way we see it portrayed in Hollywood or on TV or in some of these books that are written to be ‘sensational’ which is fine as long as we recognize the difference.

I was abused and I was cursed.. the two are not interchangeable but can and many times are connected.

When you curse another human being whether it is large or small or if it is for love or hate, harm or healing it really does not matter the mere act of cursing another is a bad thing.
You cannot imagine what it does to your soul.
Trust me on that. No matter how much you bathe it will come back.
It is law.

I sat many times in a basement of the house of another where there were jars and jars of ‘stuff’. I would sit in the dark and stare at the jars.  I could mention what I saw but the denial in people is strong and I do not want to expell the energy to argue about my truth. you either believe it or you don’t.

Every jar was holding a working and not a good one.
The basement was dark and gray.
The air thick and heavy shards of light floating in through the cracks in the cement foundation when it was light.
When it was light.


The curses don’t matter in this article today someday I will get more into that but not today.
The fact that there were addendum’s to the curses is my point.
Also important not everyone who does workings are evil not every working is evil period. the intent determines the outcome.
If you are in the field and truly serious about seeking to learn and to have knowledge of this stuff please consider all say if you feel there is an error please comment politely because I do consider everyone’s opinions and will read the information others share.

When someone curses you they can do an action say light some candles say some words and that is that. The action may be more insidious and nasty like adding shit to a jar to ruin someones life or break up their relationship. Not all curses are the same.
I have seen this presented as truth and it simply is not truth.

So lets say you are around a person who has been cursed they have every single aspect of being under the attack of something other worldly.
After you determine the psychological symptoms which ARE par for the course in any paranormal attack especially a demonic one, there will be the supernatural symptoms..IF there is a straight out curse it will be relatively easy to lift the curse/affect after however long you determine through prayer and intuition and time to work the healing/reversal..but if there was an addendum you may et into trouble trying to work against the issue when you see only one area of issue.(I call it addendum but do not know what others would call it a caveat perhaps?) now what is an addendum?
An example there are many~

When client M was a child she was raped.
When it happened she was held against her will.
when M was held against her will her root chakra suffered, it became frozen, stopped and then began to over compensate and under compensate.
Fluctuating wildly. Obviously and understandably the abuse the action of force and the pain from all of the above changed her aura and changed her thinking and emotions.

Because this attack was in the area of safety and survival those areas of her life were affected she has the SYMPTOM of debt and poverty.
She had the symptoms of fear and defensiveness.

Because it affected her in the areas of trust and sexuality she had issues with men and grew overweight and did not dress well.
These were symptoms.
When this happened there were spiritual beings around watching and waiting as the act took place a curse was uttered and these beings were “ATTACHED to the luminescence energy field and gained entry to the aura, working itself into a state of near possession of client M in time and through many ways. The area was easy to work into because of the weaknesses.

As these entities do they tempted her with statements like
“You deserved it”
“you brought it on yourself”
“you’ll never get help” ensuring for themselves a long time  host for their attachments.

When client M was seeking help some prayed some told her to do “visualization’ others told her it was sin or karma and that was why she was poor and in debt afraid etc..others still offered her the solution of counseling.  But no matter what she did nothing solved the symptoms.

In too many ways Spirituality and religion have become synthetic like pharmaceuticals have in that they are simply treating the symptoms but offering no real healing because they fail to address the root problem.

Obviously all of these things help but when there are addendum’s on something spiritual like a curse the effects may appear as one thing but the ’cause’ is what needs to be addressed.

The truth was there was a combination of the spiritual and emotional/psychological in her life and aura..if ALL are not worked on collectively the problem will NOT go away and the problem can grow worse due to the client becoming discouraged or the ‘investigator’ in an attempt to save face and reputation telling them it is all in their head and they cannot help them anymore.

I have seen it happen a number of times and it happened to me a number of times.
Obviously not every event of sexual or physical abuse includes a curse. And sexual abuse is NOT a cause of demonic possession it is a cause for weakness where demonic manipulation can happen and much healing needs to be done and can be achieved through counseling which is absolutely necessary for every client.

However there are cases where the abuse is used as a means to allow entities in. This is what I mean by “addendum”.

When we do this work it is just so important to understand the whole picture we can not imagine the pain people are going through when suffering both abuse and obviously demonic manifestation..interference and or possession of any type or degree. It is painful humiliating scary and wrong to allow anyone to go through this when we should be learning how to help how to recognize, how to see in different issues and stop being ‘know it alls’ hiding behind ones ‘proven’ technique there are NO experts there is no one proven technique, the Churches should never claim to have a monopoly on any type of spiritual work ever this is part of the problem a huge part of the problem. I realize I sound hostile and angry but it is something I feel passionate about .
Its not getting better in spite of the dystopias we exist in pointing to “all things are great” we are in a dystopia…its false.

Imagine a Dr telling a patient who has a broken leg to get out and walk 2 miles a day if he wants it to go away.  this is akin to what is happening too much in the field.
We would report a Dr for doing it but why not anyone else?

Pray please ask God to bring you to the light then ask again. Look at every angle seek answers every where do not fight about it don’t hide like somehow your demonology  or your gift is a treasure to be cashed in on its not your gift it is gods end of story share it learn it and honor it.
When we think we know it all we know nothing.


When I was a child I was abused and I was abused not just the ‘regular’ way..but also in a very heavy duty spiritual way.

Their power was abused.
They had no ethics.
They betrayed me.
They hurt me.
They dis-empowered me at every level.
But in the end I won,,because god was in the end, in the beginning and throughout.
So can you.
I hope my words helped a little god bless you and always.



By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Cord Curses….Bindings

Cord curses or bindings.


I read a LOT about cords used in hoodoo witchcraft voodoo and other religions.
Cords in spells or workings are used to bind a person.
Limit them stop them from functioning in a certain way.
But there is  not a lot about unbinding.  there is some but not a whole lot.
Let me say this.
I asked a self proclaimed “Paranormal” Demonologist” and he had not one iota of an idea of what I was talking about….
Yes we can unbind and yes we can bind spirits/demons etc to stop them from harming us.

For 30s year I have fought my own personal battles with demonic beings spirits of all one situation or another it was starting to get to me big time on a psychological level…but I was being taught not saying God intended for me to suffer all that I did but that God USED those situations to teach me.
I do not like being public about it I am opinionated yes but not interested in public forums to wave my personal events around…my book is my voice and it is important to speak about this and that is why I am out here more, also this work is important.

When I was cursed and you can trust it I was cursed, numerous times, one of the curses put on me was a cord curse or a cord binding.
One of my family members came up behind me and wrapped an unseen cord around me. .
Yep I felt it yep it hurt like a bitch.
Nothing was there that could be seen with the eyes.
Although I can still see the look in their eyes, hear the laughter from their mouth like the thick black smoke as it emerges from an oven used to cremate a corpse.
I took a creative writing course…lol sorry. 😉

But its not funny it is horrible . it is indeed horrible what human beings do to each other.
In my working with people who need spiritual help I have seen a lot.

A couple of months ago I dealt with a curse put on a woman where another put a curse on her that consisted of shitting in a bottle..putting an animals rotting corpse, I think it was a rat, in and other absolutely foul and nasty items to “shit on her life” break up her relationship (which worked) and it occurred to me that people are mean, truly mean.

The collective energy in this world is not good.
No surprise when people shit in jars and another person in the guise of ‘practitioner’ summons whatever spirits come in to shit on the persons life. To ‘curse’ another human being over a breakup.
The energy from that action goes out among us all..takes years but it builds up.
I would hate to see what they do if someone hits their car in an accident.
So we can rest assured it happens. Take a peek at youtube and you can find that truth.
Whew now that that is settled let me finish.  😉

If you are in need of help and you know you have had a cord curse or binding and you ask someone who is in the ‘field’ to help you and they do not know how to, run from them please it will make it much worse. If you ask and they do not know what you are talking about run even faster..if they say you are crazy the same. RUN. Please trust me it will make things worse. Ultimately in their failing to help you you will be blamed it happened to me for years.
Next thing is to KNOW you can get out of it you CAN free yourself from these things….one thing the demonic works against is belief.
If you are part of a Church and feel you need to seek help there please do so. faith is precious and that is invaluable.  But it is important to empower ourselves. Many Churches want to control not help. If they can’t control they don’t get paid. Remember that.
If you cannot please do know you can help yourself even if you just ask for prayer and energy in whatever way you feel comfortable with to back your work up.
these are some of the works I do others do similar they can vary depending on your faith and what resonates with people.  I have done these for years since i was young but in varying degrees and not publicly. The internet is just icky many times…people standing in a proverbial wind tunnel farting smelling it over and over again and telling everyone else how good their shit smells.
But it has been requested of me and told to me several times in the last year to share more..okay I am not sure it will help but hope it does. 🙂

I will take a figure candle or a picture of the person cursed or ‘bound’ and put it on a black  candle I like to use the figure candle, but any candle will do. I prefer black.
White works for me as a secondary candle as my intention is to ask god to send healing and white light of the holy spirit.

The figure candle in my works will be black, reason being is black absorbs the negative energy.
I will pray usually psalms. 18, is great, 91 also other verses but these 2 are imperative if you do not resonate with the Bible you can pray in your own words and custom. god is good he has no issues with our religion. I make use of the pronoun “he” but do not embrace an all male deity.
I will do Reiki for as long as I feel necessary as I am a Reiki master and KNOW it changes the energy and in these cases the energy needs to be changed.It is unlikely the situation will change if the energy is not changed and cleansed.
This works fine and does work long distances.

The person who is suffering from the cord or binding has to understand that blame is not an option the reason the curses work goes back to US and is due to our weaknesses so prayer has to be done and honest prayer asking god to show us ways where we are weak and where these curses or bindings can attack us and attach. This is absolutely NOT a judgement but is simply a truth we are weak we are human and god will help us but we need to be true truthful and authentic. Humility is a gift that reaches far and wide.

If you are cursed it is because of your own weaknesses not because of some ‘witch’ or your Mother in law or who ever it is because you are weak. find gods strength in them. BLAME DIS EMPOWERS US.
I lived with people who did dark dark stuff and god saw to it I survived and thrived because i looked to god. that is the ONLY reason I survived and thrived. however I did suffer a lot more because of my weaknesses my pride my fears.. I got in my own way a LOT. that is something you should avoid and should help your clients avoid as well.
There are different areas the binding can take place:

Chakras people can tie knots or put blockages in the chakras.
In the luminescence energy field.
Auric invasions this is very common.
As attachments (evil spirits) to the psychological weaknesses and issues we have
Emotional attachments
Abuse wounds

In the chakras as well as in the meridians there are people in generational dark magic who know how to disrupt these energy centers and meridians. They will and DO use abuse as a means for changing disrupting and demon/spirit possession.
Intent determines much of the outcome however IMHO manipulating the energy field or free will of another is not a good thing ever ever ever it is not something I  do.

Think of the words here…
BINDING means to keep someone limited or ‘restrain’ them to stop them from moving stop them from acting out to limit them. That is a bind.

To tie one to another is defined as yoking. To keep a person attached to another person or place. Not the same as binding, words matter. A lot.

Determine the person or place you are tied to. Determine the areas you are bound in. This is where it a great gift to be a psychic.

I take  the candle and read the verses INTO the candle and visualize the power of the words empowering the candle as it absorbs the energy and intent.  the holiness of the words I think of the people God has saved over all the years we have existed. My intent is to bring that hope to others. how many times I read the verses and what verses I read I determine through my intuition.
Triangles shapes enhance the energy I put my candles in the triangle shape if the energy is very heavy or there are a lot of spirits around in the back ground.

You can and many do put a cord around the figure candle and from the top down wrap it around the candle symbolizing the original ‘cord’ and as the candle burns it burns away the original cord.
When people do rituals to bring about control and bondage it helps to use rituals to undo that control and heal.

As I tie my own black cord around the candle I visualize the curse/cord coming off,  my client is instructed to do so as well. if they are with me they tie the cord.
This is powerful, extremely powerful to let fear go let worry go when spirits have been summoned or invoked in a curse they will do their best to dissuade to cause fear doubt “you’ll never break the curse” “you need a Priest or a Minister” etc etc…remember they want to stay bound to the curse they were sent out to fulfill so they will try very hard to put fear and doubt in us. have faith god loves us he wants us to be freed. Be aware of your words..saying never work it won’t work…blame and saying never will work actually reinforce the curses.
You can pray something like this ~

“This new cord  tied around this candle is representative of the old one tied around (whoever needs the unbinding) and we acknowledge it was done to bind another against their will.
We lift that binding and give ourselves to god and our angels for our health of mind body spirit and soul. As this candle burns this curse of binding will be removed and all entities who surround it will be banished. Send them to their own right place of existence and to the person or persons who used these rituals against (the client) please do what you must to assure they never act against us again, we know dear god that you have given us free will and spiritual law dictates it is wrong to violate a persons free will no matter what wrong they perceive we have done no matter our sin, law is law, we bring our case to you judge us now and pass sentence on them. In the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy spirit and in the name of Jesus.  That is how I pray you can do so in your own way. It is not about semantics but your heart and connection to god.

Using your own words that you feel are right is important.
Express the pain and the sorrow the binding has caused.
Tell your angels about how much trouble it caused you how betrayed you felt.  this part is important. Tell them this as you anoint the candle gently with oil. you should use…

There are many take your pick.
I use Fiery wall of protection oil for my white candles.


on the black candle~
Cast off oil
Uncrossing oil. or something similar.

Light the candles I use one black figure candle and three white candles.
Bible verses that are great for this are
Psalm 91 and Psalm 18

If you do not like the Bible and i understand why use your own words of empowerment.
Pray as you sit near the candle I like to stay with the candles as they burn reading or praying or meditating whatever I feel led to god honors my commitment as anyone else would it is not the candles as much as our will and intent and our love. As long as you feel led to sit…sit.

Take an herbal bath,herbs that I use but there are many are.
St Johns Wort.

There are so many and so many combinations that you can research on your own to see what feels right for you.  Visualize god and the angles clearing your aura blessing your energy field..this is a great act and it helps so much!   I recommend at least 0 minutes in a hot bath…feel the heat drawing the spiritual toxins out.  So comforting and so empowering and healing!!!

I had a cord curse for years as a matter of fact it had so many caveats on it it took me years to figure them out no thanks to anyone in the field.
I was physically sickened due to it..yes it can get that bad.
In any event I used many different herbs many different rituals of course for me it was near possession so it was a huge battle BUT it can be done.

Check where there are symptoms the cord curse that was done to me was around a certain area of my body so that area had symptoms ALL the time.
There ARE physical connections.  this is not a work to be taken lightly.

If your clients  are afraid of things if they are afraid of candles and oils if they think all religions are evil and are a literal-list, they are part of the problem and no one can help, it is mostly impossible to work with anyone who is self righteous. I advise not to even try.
religious spirits are the worst. there are those who simply want to be right and nothing else. so walk away. 🙂

I hope this helps in some way please know I am here if you need me and be blessed God bless you and angels protect you always!

Christine  🙂

ANOTHER VERY HELPFUL BLOG this young man is very smart and has great information~

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

“Malignant Narcissists, demonic possession and delusion”

In researching for my own book I read and re read a few books that I found invaluable for the subject of Demonology and or the pathology of the demonic…(sounds like a good title for a reality show 😉 ) One book that nailed it for me was
M Scott Peck MD “People of The Lie” Simon and Schuster 1983

In this book Dr Peck (thoughtfully) writes about “malignant narcissism” and this is exactly correct.
I am not a Psychiatrist or a counselor but I understood his writings in powerful ways.
I LIVED with those who had given in to this disorder and watched the behavior of the possessed as well as the possessors.
In this respect I learned that demons and the people who are the driving force behind them are all incapable of taking responsibility.
Take for example, when in my book “Through The Darkness” I write about the instances of abuse both physically and spiritually.
I share with my readers evil as seen as not only a spiritual power but also as a as diagnosis of mental issues/illness issues and illnesses that can and many times DO lead to possession.
The problem many times is how to and TO make the distinction of when the illness leads to the possession if the possession is true possession or a combination of mental illness attached to by demonic forces. Before I digress and I do let me explain.
The pathology of the main behavior of demons as I have found is one of malignant narcissism fueled by people’s decision to provoke and follow, even summon these hellish powers to receive what they tragically believe will be ‘absolute’ power.
It is fine and noble for an evil man to summon evil if his delusion is to be ‘powerful’ yet that is indeed a delusion. Once summoned we find the man so lured by that need of power he is blinded by his own ego stroking to see himself pushed into further disillusion. This defined my entire family who of their own free will decided to dabble in some of the occult arts of which I briefly discuss in my book,NOT to state occult arts are evil in themselves because the intention of each person who dabbles determines that.
I do feel it is important to convey to my readers what is sometimes seen as a subject of “all” spiritual or all “paranormal” or “All mental” when in reality a mixture of mind body spirit and as a cherry on top free will.
Dr Peck developed an understanding of evil as being not just mental/psychological but of a reality where there exists entities who will seek to torment and harass people. A healthy balance needs to be maintained in situations where all parts of a person is involved.
At the risk of being redundant my book is different from the above wonderful titles because it offers a view from the experience of possession and oppression from the inside.
I lived in the cage at the zoo with the monkies 😉
I also explore in depth the ways abuse chinks methodically at the armor of our souls and minds allowing room for entities who may be lurking to influence and eventually enter a human being.
I offer a view from the demonic beings perspective a being that was sickeningly united to me mind body and nearly soul a being who when all was said and done when confronted with the holy Priest had within itself a shocking amount of fear and anguish.
Although unable to process those truths it resorted to using me and others as a scapegoat in order to fulfill its delusion as it had used the delusion of my ‘caregivers’.
Some believe that possession can happen in minutes and be taken care of in an hour or so.
There are people who give themselves the title of demonologist or even exorcist with their experiences being a simple book read or a location visited who do not even have the most basic of understanding of spiritual law of curses or hexes or how the demonic gains entry…hint Its not through Ouija boards) they should not be working in the field period.and there are people who have spent years being chipped away at by these beings and who need help and this help will take time when confronted with those in such need the knee jerk reaction of the thrill seekers is to send them away saying they need counseling or they are making it up…damaging the damaged.
There was a Priest who was given the task of performing a formal exorcism over me he failed..HE FAILED because he was a pedophile.
Part of the delusion in this case is that people are more upset with me for pointing it out then they are with the Church for allowing a pedophile and an active one at that to attempt to Minister to others.
I have nothing against the man the hurt is over the wounds healed I pray he is at peace.
The irony is my outspokenness probably could have snapped him to some sense whereas their silence caused him to continue to be a slave to his sickness.
So many people in the community and even in the Churches (NOT all) do not understand the dedication and time it can take to help a person in such distress. We live in a time of instant gratification and that expectation has entered into the spiritual lives of many and those who are called to help. Blame and deflection are the norm when those same people who blame cannot even be civil to each other.
My book will give light to these issues whether people attack what is presented in this book or only partly agree or hate my guts does not matter as long as they are talking and change happens. These delusions need to be ended and the light needs to come in. No one should suffer at the hands of any demonic entity further no one should suffer at the hands of misguided individuals wherever they are.

Christine Corda portions of the book proposal “Through the Darkness” copyright 2015

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"