Cord Curses….Bindings

Cord curses or bindings.


I read a LOT about cords used in hoodoo witchcraft voodoo and other religions.
Cords in spells or workings are used to bind a person.
Limit them stop them from functioning in a certain way.
But there is  not a lot about unbinding.  there is some but not a whole lot.
Let me say this.
I asked a self proclaimed “Paranormal” Demonologist” and he had not one iota of an idea of what I was talking about….
Yes we can unbind and yes we can bind spirits/demons etc to stop them from harming us.

For 30s year I have fought my own personal battles with demonic beings spirits of all one situation or another it was starting to get to me big time on a psychological level…but I was being taught not saying God intended for me to suffer all that I did but that God USED those situations to teach me.
I do not like being public about it I am opinionated yes but not interested in public forums to wave my personal events around…my book is my voice and it is important to speak about this and that is why I am out here more, also this work is important.

When I was cursed and you can trust it I was cursed, numerous times, one of the curses put on me was a cord curse or a cord binding.
One of my family members came up behind me and wrapped an unseen cord around me. .
Yep I felt it yep it hurt like a bitch.
Nothing was there that could be seen with the eyes.
Although I can still see the look in their eyes, hear the laughter from their mouth like the thick black smoke as it emerges from an oven used to cremate a corpse.
I took a creative writing course…lol sorry. 😉

But its not funny it is horrible . it is indeed horrible what human beings do to each other.
In my working with people who need spiritual help I have seen a lot.

A couple of months ago I dealt with a curse put on a woman where another put a curse on her that consisted of shitting in a bottle..putting an animals rotting corpse, I think it was a rat, in and other absolutely foul and nasty items to “shit on her life” break up her relationship (which worked) and it occurred to me that people are mean, truly mean.

The collective energy in this world is not good.
No surprise when people shit in jars and another person in the guise of ‘practitioner’ summons whatever spirits come in to shit on the persons life. To ‘curse’ another human being over a breakup.
The energy from that action goes out among us all..takes years but it builds up.
I would hate to see what they do if someone hits their car in an accident.
So we can rest assured it happens. Take a peek at youtube and you can find that truth.
Whew now that that is settled let me finish.  😉

If you are in need of help and you know you have had a cord curse or binding and you ask someone who is in the ‘field’ to help you and they do not know how to, run from them please it will make it much worse. If you ask and they do not know what you are talking about run even faster..if they say you are crazy the same. RUN. Please trust me it will make things worse. Ultimately in their failing to help you you will be blamed it happened to me for years.
Next thing is to KNOW you can get out of it you CAN free yourself from these things….one thing the demonic works against is belief.
If you are part of a Church and feel you need to seek help there please do so. faith is precious and that is invaluable.  But it is important to empower ourselves. Many Churches want to control not help. If they can’t control they don’t get paid. Remember that.
If you cannot please do know you can help yourself even if you just ask for prayer and energy in whatever way you feel comfortable with to back your work up.
these are some of the works I do others do similar they can vary depending on your faith and what resonates with people.  I have done these for years since i was young but in varying degrees and not publicly. The internet is just icky many times…people standing in a proverbial wind tunnel farting smelling it over and over again and telling everyone else how good their shit smells.
But it has been requested of me and told to me several times in the last year to share more..okay I am not sure it will help but hope it does. 🙂

I will take a figure candle or a picture of the person cursed or ‘bound’ and put it on a black  candle I like to use the figure candle, but any candle will do. I prefer black.
White works for me as a secondary candle as my intention is to ask god to send healing and white light of the holy spirit.

The figure candle in my works will be black, reason being is black absorbs the negative energy.
I will pray usually psalms. 18, is great, 91 also other verses but these 2 are imperative if you do not resonate with the Bible you can pray in your own words and custom. god is good he has no issues with our religion. I make use of the pronoun “he” but do not embrace an all male deity.
I will do Reiki for as long as I feel necessary as I am a Reiki master and KNOW it changes the energy and in these cases the energy needs to be changed.It is unlikely the situation will change if the energy is not changed and cleansed.
This works fine and does work long distances.

The person who is suffering from the cord or binding has to understand that blame is not an option the reason the curses work goes back to US and is due to our weaknesses so prayer has to be done and honest prayer asking god to show us ways where we are weak and where these curses or bindings can attack us and attach. This is absolutely NOT a judgement but is simply a truth we are weak we are human and god will help us but we need to be true truthful and authentic. Humility is a gift that reaches far and wide.

If you are cursed it is because of your own weaknesses not because of some ‘witch’ or your Mother in law or who ever it is because you are weak. find gods strength in them. BLAME DIS EMPOWERS US.
I lived with people who did dark dark stuff and god saw to it I survived and thrived because i looked to god. that is the ONLY reason I survived and thrived. however I did suffer a lot more because of my weaknesses my pride my fears.. I got in my own way a LOT. that is something you should avoid and should help your clients avoid as well.
There are different areas the binding can take place:

Chakras people can tie knots or put blockages in the chakras.
In the luminescence energy field.
Auric invasions this is very common.
As attachments (evil spirits) to the psychological weaknesses and issues we have
Emotional attachments
Abuse wounds

In the chakras as well as in the meridians there are people in generational dark magic who know how to disrupt these energy centers and meridians. They will and DO use abuse as a means for changing disrupting and demon/spirit possession.
Intent determines much of the outcome however IMHO manipulating the energy field or free will of another is not a good thing ever ever ever it is not something I  do.

Think of the words here…
BINDING means to keep someone limited or ‘restrain’ them to stop them from moving stop them from acting out to limit them. That is a bind.

To tie one to another is defined as yoking. To keep a person attached to another person or place. Not the same as binding, words matter. A lot.

Determine the person or place you are tied to. Determine the areas you are bound in. This is where it a great gift to be a psychic.

I take  the candle and read the verses INTO the candle and visualize the power of the words empowering the candle as it absorbs the energy and intent.  the holiness of the words I think of the people God has saved over all the years we have existed. My intent is to bring that hope to others. how many times I read the verses and what verses I read I determine through my intuition.
Triangles shapes enhance the energy I put my candles in the triangle shape if the energy is very heavy or there are a lot of spirits around in the back ground.

You can and many do put a cord around the figure candle and from the top down wrap it around the candle symbolizing the original ‘cord’ and as the candle burns it burns away the original cord.
When people do rituals to bring about control and bondage it helps to use rituals to undo that control and heal.

As I tie my own black cord around the candle I visualize the curse/cord coming off,  my client is instructed to do so as well. if they are with me they tie the cord.
This is powerful, extremely powerful to let fear go let worry go when spirits have been summoned or invoked in a curse they will do their best to dissuade to cause fear doubt “you’ll never break the curse” “you need a Priest or a Minister” etc etc…remember they want to stay bound to the curse they were sent out to fulfill so they will try very hard to put fear and doubt in us. have faith god loves us he wants us to be freed. Be aware of your words..saying never work it won’t work…blame and saying never will work actually reinforce the curses.
You can pray something like this ~

“This new cord  tied around this candle is representative of the old one tied around (whoever needs the unbinding) and we acknowledge it was done to bind another against their will.
We lift that binding and give ourselves to god and our angels for our health of mind body spirit and soul. As this candle burns this curse of binding will be removed and all entities who surround it will be banished. Send them to their own right place of existence and to the person or persons who used these rituals against (the client) please do what you must to assure they never act against us again, we know dear god that you have given us free will and spiritual law dictates it is wrong to violate a persons free will no matter what wrong they perceive we have done no matter our sin, law is law, we bring our case to you judge us now and pass sentence on them. In the name of the Father of the Son and the Holy spirit and in the name of Jesus.  That is how I pray you can do so in your own way. It is not about semantics but your heart and connection to god.

Using your own words that you feel are right is important.
Express the pain and the sorrow the binding has caused.
Tell your angels about how much trouble it caused you how betrayed you felt.  this part is important. Tell them this as you anoint the candle gently with oil. you should use…

There are many take your pick.
I use Fiery wall of protection oil for my white candles.


on the black candle~
Cast off oil
Uncrossing oil. or something similar.

Light the candles I use one black figure candle and three white candles.
Bible verses that are great for this are
Psalm 91 and Psalm 18

If you do not like the Bible and i understand why use your own words of empowerment.
Pray as you sit near the candle I like to stay with the candles as they burn reading or praying or meditating whatever I feel led to god honors my commitment as anyone else would it is not the candles as much as our will and intent and our love. As long as you feel led to sit…sit.

Take an herbal bath,herbs that I use but there are many are.
St Johns Wort.

There are so many and so many combinations that you can research on your own to see what feels right for you.  Visualize god and the angles clearing your aura blessing your energy field..this is a great act and it helps so much!   I recommend at least 0 minutes in a hot bath…feel the heat drawing the spiritual toxins out.  So comforting and so empowering and healing!!!

I had a cord curse for years as a matter of fact it had so many caveats on it it took me years to figure them out no thanks to anyone in the field.
I was physically sickened due to it..yes it can get that bad.
In any event I used many different herbs many different rituals of course for me it was near possession so it was a huge battle BUT it can be done.

Check where there are symptoms the cord curse that was done to me was around a certain area of my body so that area had symptoms ALL the time.
There ARE physical connections.  this is not a work to be taken lightly.

If your clients  are afraid of things if they are afraid of candles and oils if they think all religions are evil and are a literal-list, they are part of the problem and no one can help, it is mostly impossible to work with anyone who is self righteous. I advise not to even try.
religious spirits are the worst. there are those who simply want to be right and nothing else. so walk away. 🙂

I hope this helps in some way please know I am here if you need me and be blessed God bless you and angels protect you always!

Christine  🙂

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