“Malignant Narcissists, demonic possession and delusion”

In researching for my own book I read and re read a few books that I found invaluable for the subject of Demonology and or the pathology of the demonic…(sounds like a good title for a reality show 😉 ) One book that nailed it for me was
M Scott Peck MD “People of The Lie” Simon and Schuster 1983

In this book Dr Peck (thoughtfully) writes about “malignant narcissism” and this is exactly correct.
I am not a Psychiatrist or a counselor but I understood his writings in powerful ways.
I LIVED with those who had given in to this disorder and watched the behavior of the possessed as well as the possessors.
In this respect I learned that demons and the people who are the driving force behind them are all incapable of taking responsibility.
Take for example, when in my book “Through The Darkness” I write about the instances of abuse both physically and spiritually.
I share with my readers evil as seen as not only a spiritual power but also as a as diagnosis of mental issues/illness issues and illnesses that can and many times DO lead to possession.
The problem many times is how to and TO make the distinction of when the illness leads to the possession if the possession is true possession or a combination of mental illness attached to by demonic forces. Before I digress and I do let me explain.
The pathology of the main behavior of demons as I have found is one of malignant narcissism fueled by people’s decision to provoke and follow, even summon these hellish powers to receive what they tragically believe will be ‘absolute’ power.
It is fine and noble for an evil man to summon evil if his delusion is to be ‘powerful’ yet that is indeed a delusion. Once summoned we find the man so lured by that need of power he is blinded by his own ego stroking to see himself pushed into further disillusion. This defined my entire family who of their own free will decided to dabble in some of the occult arts of which I briefly discuss in my book,NOT to state occult arts are evil in themselves because the intention of each person who dabbles determines that.
I do feel it is important to convey to my readers what is sometimes seen as a subject of “all” spiritual or all “paranormal” or “All mental” when in reality a mixture of mind body spirit and as a cherry on top free will.
Dr Peck developed an understanding of evil as being not just mental/psychological but of a reality where there exists entities who will seek to torment and harass people. A healthy balance needs to be maintained in situations where all parts of a person is involved.
At the risk of being redundant my book is different from the above wonderful titles because it offers a view from the experience of possession and oppression from the inside.
I lived in the cage at the zoo with the monkies 😉
I also explore in depth the ways abuse chinks methodically at the armor of our souls and minds allowing room for entities who may be lurking to influence and eventually enter a human being.
I offer a view from the demonic beings perspective a being that was sickeningly united to me mind body and nearly soul a being who when all was said and done when confronted with the holy Priest had within itself a shocking amount of fear and anguish.
Although unable to process those truths it resorted to using me and others as a scapegoat in order to fulfill its delusion as it had used the delusion of my ‘caregivers’.
Some believe that possession can happen in minutes and be taken care of in an hour or so.
There are people who give themselves the title of demonologist or even exorcist with their experiences being a simple book read or a location visited who do not even have the most basic of understanding of spiritual law of curses or hexes or how the demonic gains entry…hint Its not through Ouija boards) they should not be working in the field period.and there are people who have spent years being chipped away at by these beings and who need help and this help will take time when confronted with those in such need the knee jerk reaction of the thrill seekers is to send them away saying they need counseling or they are making it up…damaging the damaged.
There was a Priest who was given the task of performing a formal exorcism over me he failed..HE FAILED because he was a pedophile.
Part of the delusion in this case is that people are more upset with me for pointing it out then they are with the Church for allowing a pedophile and an active one at that to attempt to Minister to others.
I have nothing against the man the hurt is over the wounds healed I pray he is at peace.
The irony is my outspokenness probably could have snapped him to some sense whereas their silence caused him to continue to be a slave to his sickness.
So many people in the community and even in the Churches (NOT all) do not understand the dedication and time it can take to help a person in such distress. We live in a time of instant gratification and that expectation has entered into the spiritual lives of many and those who are called to help. Blame and deflection are the norm when those same people who blame cannot even be civil to each other.
My book will give light to these issues whether people attack what is presented in this book or only partly agree or hate my guts does not matter as long as they are talking and change happens. These delusions need to be ended and the light needs to come in. No one should suffer at the hands of any demonic entity further no one should suffer at the hands of misguided individuals wherever they are.

Christine Corda portions of the book proposal “Through the Darkness” copyright 2015

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