Curses with or without addendums

When I was a child I was abused and I was abused not just the ‘regular’ way..but also in a very heavy duty spiritual way.

Their power was abused.
They had no ethics.
They betrayed me.
They hurt me.
They dis-empowered me at every level.

They had followed the path of evil they had made their pacts with the devil but it wasn’t done the way we see it portrayed in Hollywood or on TV or in some of these books that are written to be ‘sensational’ which is fine as long as we recognize the difference.

I was abused and I was cursed.. the two are not interchangeable but can and many times are connected.

When you curse another human being whether it is large or small or if it is for love or hate, harm or healing it really does not matter the mere act of cursing another is a bad thing.
You cannot imagine what it does to your soul.
Trust me on that. No matter how much you bathe it will come back.
It is law.

I sat many times in a basement of the house of another where there were jars and jars of ‘stuff’. I would sit in the dark and stare at the jars.  I could mention what I saw but the denial in people is strong and I do not want to expell the energy to argue about my truth. you either believe it or you don’t.

Every jar was holding a working and not a good one.
The basement was dark and gray.
The air thick and heavy shards of light floating in through the cracks in the cement foundation when it was light.
When it was light.


The curses don’t matter in this article today someday I will get more into that but not today.
The fact that there were addendum’s to the curses is my point.
Also important not everyone who does workings are evil not every working is evil period. the intent determines the outcome.
If you are in the field and truly serious about seeking to learn and to have knowledge of this stuff please consider all say if you feel there is an error please comment politely because I do consider everyone’s opinions and will read the information others share.

When someone curses you they can do an action say light some candles say some words and that is that. The action may be more insidious and nasty like adding shit to a jar to ruin someones life or break up their relationship. Not all curses are the same.
I have seen this presented as truth and it simply is not truth.

So lets say you are around a person who has been cursed they have every single aspect of being under the attack of something other worldly.
After you determine the psychological symptoms which ARE par for the course in any paranormal attack especially a demonic one, there will be the supernatural symptoms..IF there is a straight out curse it will be relatively easy to lift the curse/affect after however long you determine through prayer and intuition and time to work the healing/reversal..but if there was an addendum you may et into trouble trying to work against the issue when you see only one area of issue.(I call it addendum but do not know what others would call it a caveat perhaps?) now what is an addendum?
An example there are many~

When client M was a child she was raped.
When it happened she was held against her will.
when M was held against her will her root chakra suffered, it became frozen, stopped and then began to over compensate and under compensate.
Fluctuating wildly. Obviously and understandably the abuse the action of force and the pain from all of the above changed her aura and changed her thinking and emotions.

Because this attack was in the area of safety and survival those areas of her life were affected she has the SYMPTOM of debt and poverty.
She had the symptoms of fear and defensiveness.

Because it affected her in the areas of trust and sexuality she had issues with men and grew overweight and did not dress well.
These were symptoms.
When this happened there were spiritual beings around watching and waiting as the act took place a curse was uttered and these beings were “ATTACHED to the luminescence energy field and gained entry to the aura, working itself into a state of near possession of client M in time and through many ways. The area was easy to work into because of the weaknesses.

As these entities do they tempted her with statements like
“You deserved it”
“you brought it on yourself”
“you’ll never get help” ensuring for themselves a long time  host for their attachments.

When client M was seeking help some prayed some told her to do “visualization’ others told her it was sin or karma and that was why she was poor and in debt afraid etc..others still offered her the solution of counseling.  But no matter what she did nothing solved the symptoms.

In too many ways Spirituality and religion have become synthetic like pharmaceuticals have in that they are simply treating the symptoms but offering no real healing because they fail to address the root problem.

Obviously all of these things help but when there are addendum’s on something spiritual like a curse the effects may appear as one thing but the ’cause’ is what needs to be addressed.

The truth was there was a combination of the spiritual and emotional/psychological in her life and aura..if ALL are not worked on collectively the problem will NOT go away and the problem can grow worse due to the client becoming discouraged or the ‘investigator’ in an attempt to save face and reputation telling them it is all in their head and they cannot help them anymore.

I have seen it happen a number of times and it happened to me a number of times.
Obviously not every event of sexual or physical abuse includes a curse. And sexual abuse is NOT a cause of demonic possession it is a cause for weakness where demonic manipulation can happen and much healing needs to be done and can be achieved through counseling which is absolutely necessary for every client.

However there are cases where the abuse is used as a means to allow entities in. This is what I mean by “addendum”.

When we do this work it is just so important to understand the whole picture we can not imagine the pain people are going through when suffering both abuse and obviously demonic manifestation..interference and or possession of any type or degree. It is painful humiliating scary and wrong to allow anyone to go through this when we should be learning how to help how to recognize, how to see in different issues and stop being ‘know it alls’ hiding behind ones ‘proven’ technique there are NO experts there is no one proven technique, the Churches should never claim to have a monopoly on any type of spiritual work ever this is part of the problem a huge part of the problem. I realize I sound hostile and angry but it is something I feel passionate about .
Its not getting better in spite of the dystopias we exist in pointing to “all things are great” we are in a dystopia…its false.

Imagine a Dr telling a patient who has a broken leg to get out and walk 2 miles a day if he wants it to go away.  this is akin to what is happening too much in the field.
We would report a Dr for doing it but why not anyone else?

Pray please ask God to bring you to the light then ask again. Look at every angle seek answers every where do not fight about it don’t hide like somehow your demonology  or your gift is a treasure to be cashed in on its not your gift it is gods end of story share it learn it and honor it.
When we think we know it all we know nothing.


When I was a child I was abused and I was abused not just the ‘regular’ way..but also in a very heavy duty spiritual way.

Their power was abused.
They had no ethics.
They betrayed me.
They hurt me.
They dis-empowered me at every level.
But in the end I won,,because god was in the end, in the beginning and throughout.
So can you.
I hope my words helped a little god bless you and always.



By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"