Be the light in the Darkness be the wounded healer…

My life is NO LONGER an example of pain and suffering my life IS an example of empowerment…a tangible sign that god exists and he is not in a box but is the box that is INSIDE of us, in the heart of the people who call to him…that no matter what darkness we are immersed into no matter what is done to us or through us, god is faithful he can and does change us giving us “Beauty for Ashes” how long or in what way he does it is not written in stone or given to us in a certain dogma or is written in our souls in our spirit. We are united to God our creator as a baby is united to her Momma.

We have already won this battle the only thing left to do is to CLAIM the victory but not become complacent or blind to life sitting passively in wait for a savior to fix things..we are entitled to nothing more than what everyone is. Instead we are called to share in the duties of the savior..every trial every pain every instance in our life is an opportunity to understand this world to love more to forgive more fervently both ourselves and others, to heal and wound to become the storm and the calm within….how much understanding can we have to a damaged person if we too become damaged? how much more will we seek to restore wholeness to others if we have our sight restored? Thank God for all we go through.
BE the wounded healer.

Have a blessed day everyone thank you for following my blog and reading I hope my words help.
Christine Corda

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"