Blame takes away our power.

Some people believe demonic activity happens all the time..others believe it never happens some people fall in the middle.
is the devil behind everything?

For me this is a hard question because of my background and the severe activity I went through that was documented I had to wean myself off of the knee jerk beliefs that all which is negative or painful is demonic.

That is truly not the case.

We have free will
We make a lot of our own energy.
We ‘attract’ negativity into our lives.
We can and many many times do ‘cross’ ourselves.

Not all that is dark is evil God uses everything to lead us to where we need to be.

We are smart (mostly) ūüėČ ¬†and gifted, we are able God has made us that way..God has given us gifts and abilities and POWER,we have power, we are like god.

BUT  with a small G.

This understanding this revelation need  not to taken away from the praise or worship of the creator because only the creator is to be praised but we share in those gifts.
We really do.

There are those who lead and those who follow and it happens to be more prevalent in this day and age where those who lead decide they want to dis empower others more so they can take and teach it all.

Not everyone who leads is up for total domination  and not everyone who follows is bending over in servitude.

And before it seems I want ¬†to lay blame on them solely there are those who simply want to be told what to do think believe and where when how..and there is a need for rules and laws and obedience…. well you get my point.

No one can control those who are not willing to be controlled…and that is true of demonic activity.

The demonic cannot invade where it is not able to.
The trick is to find out where the permissions lay.

When I was young I was led.
When I got older I was rebellious but surprisingly I still made the same choices I was told to make when I was young.
My point is we choose when and where to be controlled even when we are not aware.

I don’t know why.
Suffice to say human behavior is pretty predictable.

But the devil is not in every detail is he? Hmmmm

To say the devil is taking over the world or the devil ruined my day or the devil got me fired or whatnot ¬†is to realllly insult God don’t you think?
Does believing that empower us?
Sometimes people will hit me with a whole bunch of fear..”Christine the democrats are taking over the USA”…or “Christine the republicans are taking over the USA” both are equally scary..lmao
I say “oh well God won” that’s it god won..if God wants us to be safe we will be safe..whatever happens to us God will be there with us and certainly for us so it doesn’t matter.
If my life has proven anything to me it is that.


if we choose to believe the devil is  in everything I wonder if it does not lead us to fail more than it does not.

A failure to simply not work through anything because if it is not our fault then we are not responsible to fix it.
We want to avoid the consequences of our actions and inaction’s so we blame.

As soon as we blame others, the devil or parents or husband or wife we have failed.
As soon as we blame the devil we hand over our power. Given up our power right there because once it is believed we are not to blame we will not fix anything at all that needs to be fixed and we will stay helpless for the rest of our lives waiting for someone to come in on a white horse or a black one and sweep us up.

Not going to happen ever.

Not through a Church or a Psychic or a rabbi or a Teacher or anyone.

One of the best and most powerful prayers I ever said was when i was going through some intense activity a few years ago..actually about 10 years.

I realized the activity in my home was there and it was not something natural but no matter the prayers I said nothing stopped it.

“Dear god show me where I am too weak” “Show me where the weakness are so I can get control of them”


The weaknesses I needed to master not the entities because they were just attaching to anything they could use in order to stick around.

It was then I began to be enlightened and realized I was indeed enabling those darned entities.
I recall sitting down every single night in 2008 and 9 practically every single night and meditating on where how what I did when I was a child to contribute to the abuse that happened.

It was just awful.

Because I did contribute.

I sat in a cross legged position looked in a mirror and asked myself to go back to those times and look at everything. I recall speaking from my heart to my god and saying “I do not want to blame the devil or any person anymore I want to know where I failed”
I was not condoning the anything just looking for my part in it.

And 30 + years later  in 2008 I had to fess up. fess up to God and myself. I had to take a good long look into the mirror and truth be told I did not like what I saw.

The details matter not.

The story ends the same, I learned.. I was guided I was given understanding I was forgiven.
But the empowerment that it gave me was incredible and that is when I began to really heal.

A client I worked with a few years back had a huge spiritual issue and I mean HUGE.
As a medium I could sense it hear it feel it see it in my dreams ooh my you bet it was there.
They smell..demons really smell. I know they are around at times because of the smell.

A soul retrieval was what worked when we learned she was holding onto the pain that a childhood caregiver had caused her and had disassociated from it.

It was not a battle it was not a war there was no fighting or screaming the manifestation of the demonic was limited to a battle of the will the will to let go that was it her guides came in led her down the paths of time and instructed her on what to do and how to do it..I did not do anything actually.just supported the end she and I hugged and she said “I had no idea how easy it would be”… we understood at that moment that the demonic was lying . it was trying to appear stronger than it was. trying to make it look like the problem was much more intense then it was.
That was the extent of its power.

The point is even if the devil is around not everything is cause by the demonic not every sad situation or trying time is caused by an enemy.  Not everyone is after our souls. God has our souls god has made us in his image and he has created our souls and we are precious to God.

If I had still held a more literal view I might have given up on that woman and sent her to a Psychiatrist and told her “it’s all in your head”. ¬†She would have lived with that entity the rest of her life who knows. ¬† Happily there are professionals who see the value of the spiritual and vice versa.

Or if I had been scared and ‘indoctrinated” I might have told her she could only get help from a clergy member and the battle of wills would have caused it to simply manifest more and may have really backfired.
You cannot cast out what is part of the person and you cannot get rid of what the demonic is attached to unless it is healed.

It was human behavior human mistake that got her in trouble with the entity in the first place. ¬†it was a simple act of returning to the ‘scene of the’ pain and trauma where God worked a miracle and she learned a whole lot about forgiveness that day. Of letting go and letting God and i learned that God can use anyone but we have to ask and allow ourselves to be led.

Maybe the devil is in the details but he is not in the whole story.
when we limit our taking responsibility we limit god.
We should try to see gods direction his leading us in everything we do say and where we go.
Blame is never an option.



By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"