When a spirit is NOT demonic…helpful hints.

Imagine if you die and you are a jerk a horrible little jerk.

Will you get on a bus and go somewhere else and change?

Not likely.

There are spiritual laws..one can also call them boundaries I suppose..correct me if you want I may be using the wrong words. These laws are in place just like laws of nature and laws of physics.
After having done this type of work for the years I have and the haunting I went through myself I have found this to be very true.
So when we are working in the spiritual realm it is important to know which type of spirit we are working with or as it were against.

For instance if a person comes to me who has an attachment and it is not a demonic attachment it will do very little good to command it to leave or to try to bind it.throwing salt and or blessed water on it may help somewhat but it will not solve the issue…please understand I use the word ‘bind’ in the sense of stopping it from moving or acting, not in the spell type of binding.
If you throw holy water on an jerk does it deliver you from a jerk? Nope.

Just as a demonic being cannot be healed, a human spirit generally can’t be cast out.
We can command them we can do a working against them but in the end people have free will and must be persuaded to leave us alone even then sometimes they do not.

If the person they are attached to has not been counseled to have an understanding of their own part in the attachment and what weaknesses led them to be a target in the first place nothing will stay away it is a law.

If we do a working we need to connect with the archetypes or angelic beings who can push them or persuade them along. but the understanding and the awareness of the client must be present.

We as workers must learn to discern and we must learn to consider all options.

I worked with a client once he was simply awful just so mean and crude.
I sensed an energy around him..sat and meditated using my intuition to see what it was around him. the energy was thick nasty and just draining.  This happens very often and is to be expected.

He had reached out to me for help but when I tried to help him he became just vicious now here is the important part as spiritual workers as investigators who want to help clients we MUST not allow ourselves to be turned away from helping anyone even if they are terribly nasty to us.

We MUST be able to see the whole situation because if we can’t see it we will be influenced through our emotions in the way that is easiest for the demonic to use against us.
Or the human spirit who can and often times does masquerade as another type of entity.

In the case of the gentleman client he had come to see me all was okay thankfully then  a few hours after he left and I was intuiting what was around him he called me up swearing and cursing me.
Not a pleasant thing.

The reason he did this is because he had a female spirit attached to him he had picked up at a location he had been in.
She had become threatened.

It is like if our immune system is down we can be around  germs and get sick if our spiritual immune system if you will is down we are more susceptible to being attached by things, spirits human and non can attach if we are not immune, if we are not strengthened.

In his case the woman had been attached to him for several years he had assumed the activity in his home was due to demons and had a blessing even a small ‘exorcism’ done.
He was losing faith which was leaving him even more open to attacks.
People around him were unsuccessful at ‘delivering’ him but instead of fessing up to their failure (intent not questioned.. I am certain they tried and wanted to help) blamed him. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this happen.
So you see how a situation that is bad can get worse.
Had I seen it for a demonic situation he would have gotten worse not better.
But to get back to the topic at hand. The attachment the man had was a human spirit a nasty one and had attached to him and was influencing him emotionally to the point of near possession.
It was she who was angry at me for threatening her attachment, she was jealous and clingy no doubt how she treated people in life she continues to do so in death.
It was she who was rude and crude etc…
But being a human being she was not able to be cast out.
We have free will.
But she was driving him mad.
Each time he was affected it weakened his energy field and allowed her to get stronger. After awhile more spirits would move in some human others not.
He may have never been helped.

When there is an attachment on or in our energy field or our aura it can be removed but if it is not seen for what it is exactly it will not be.
It is like operating on a ruptured appendix via through the heart.

Not going to help even if the one operating is a trained surgeon if the root cause is not understood it will perhaps soothe some symptoms but will never heal the disease.
if the disease is soothed but ignored it will get worse.

There are times when spirit attachment is not evil it is no the devil is is not demonic you cannot imagine the disruption of the energy field and our COLLECTIVE energy field,when something like this is done erroneously the effect on our world is great.

At some point we need to think outside the box and stop trying to be ‘the right ones” or be the “truest religion” stop judging and actually seek to help to seek to bring peace to the world and see every person as a child of god.

A good intention and a decent heart are what matters in this work.


To talk to a human spirit is a great thing to do to sooth them to let them know all is okay and they can let go to the light to find peace to know they are in the presence of god and all can be worked out…just as a psychologist can help a person here on the physical realm we can help a person in their spirit body trying to find peace.   I can put a whole bunch of what I do and say in these circumstances but that is what I do, and it is different in each situation…we all learn that different energy work helps for different situations.  I believe all of us as spiritual workers have a way to reach out to these human spirits to help them so please find someone who understands this and who will not be so close minded to think there can never be a human spirit involved…we have free will and sometimes human spirits do not move on.  Sometimes just as in life they attach to others through cords and it takes work to resolve this.
It does not mean every spiritual issue is involving a human attachment but it does mean it can be the case.
Being able to discern the cause whether of human  or inhuman origin makes a lot of difference.

Thank you for reading my blog I truly hope you find my words helpful.






By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"