Selling our souls and our minds to the devil…

Sometimes we have ‘agreed’ to a contract in our lives more than likely in our young childhood to do act and attract different situations people and energy. I wish I knew why we do this I suppose it is simply because we are human and the influences of those around us and their own agreements would have us repeat the same.
As an example in my own journey when I grew up and people were dabbling in the more negative of energies, I saw this and in my small mind or I should say young mind 😉 I felt I should be obeying my such I made an agreement or a contract.

Many years later I learned I did not want to do those things nor attract those people etc but because of  ‘spiritual law’ I had to undo what I had agreed to. DEPENDING on what was involved and what spirits might be attached what physical issues are manifesting it does not leave us overnight.

If we agree to a contract for poverty we can not rid ourselves of the poverty if we are only asking for abundance and healing of our lives.
We must find the root cause of the poverty whether mental emotional or spiritual and deal with it. It can be something as simple as agreeing to poverty along with our family of origin..then show itself through symptoms of self sabotage or ‘crossing’ oneself.

It is a tangled web we weave because when spirits sense the imbalance they are attracted to it and then it gets complicated especially when they attach onto it.

On top of that when other people, and we all perceive more than we accept,when other people sense we are vulnerable they attach or manipulate or seek us out so we can enable them.
It is not fair and in my opinion an insult to God both in Gods great love and greater power when we blame the devil for everything.
We make our own messes and need to get ourselves out certainly seeking help from God and angels when we need it but not to deflect or to free ourselves from responsibility. Blame in ALL of its forms is dis-empowering.

If a psychic vampire is in our lives sucking our energy. Stop feeding it.
I speak as an expert of blame and expert of ‘the devil made me do it’ theory which I held for years. All it did was keep me limited and helpless. BUT the moment I accepted responsibility was the moment freedom rang and the time when God and all my guides came into my life showing me exactly where when how and h\why the limits we placed and the blocks were placed. Took me several years and work on myself but I did it..I wish you could know me from 10 years ago and see the different now. Like night and day that is how great God is.

Definitely at many times a placebo effect. I suppose it is in a bit of reverse in effect but still there.
Can you imagine  finding out a curse or purported ‘demonic’activity was merely a suggestion and the most power came into it from our own belief in it…how humiliating and tragic.
Some people like the illusion. They simply like the sense of martyrdom and attention.
Let me tell you something about the demonic they thrive on illusion nothing is real to them they create nothing they have NO power, they have nothing of themselves any where at anytime in anyway…it is all counterfeit.
Demons are empowered by the acceptance of that illusion by others.
If we encounter one or two we must learn to say no and find out in ourselves where the weaknesses lie and work on that. That will bring us to healing and wholeness that will strengthen us to be able to fight.

Soul retrieval removing contracts inner healing all of these are wonderful tools to further our healing work with others and keeping the negative out of our lives.

Don’t be afraid to research and reach out there are so many times of healing waiting for you. Be willing to invest and be humble accept responsibility, don’t blame!

Get up.   RISE UP…be empowered…

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"