Growing my Ministry…become part of it.

A year ago I officially started my Ministry “Through the Darkness” Ministry to help people by educating as many as will listen about not only ritual abuse but the reality of how extensively spiritual abuse occurs and the devastating damage it has done. Not only to the individuals but to our ‘collective energy’.

You cannot imagine the resistance I have received.
On a daily basis I am attacked. It is par for the course but still..this tells me this work is needed. Tells me I may just be doing a good job, if we are doing what is right usually it shakes things up. Never lose an opportunity to learn.

But too many are still unaware of the extent in which spiritual abuse and paranormal activity are indeed damaging many people.

But many more have a set idea on who should do this work and who should not.
That is where most of the resistance has come.
it is completely understandable no one wants to believe evil exists and no one wants to deal with it who would? I can’t stand dealing with it.

But as all of our energy at many points becomes ‘collective energy’ we need to care. To do what we can..not everyone can do everything but together we can move mountains sorry to sound kumbaya-ish but it is true. 😉

On a daily basis I receive at least 2 emails from people who can not get help.
In a world where there are countless paranormal groups..clergy..Demonologists etc..why is this happening?

It is growing worse.

Many Churches and groups have not advanced towards a greater understanding of spiritual warfare in spite of having the power grace and gifts to do so. I suppose one reason is in the name of ‘progress’ we have strayed from the nuts and bolts of spiritual issues to embrace that new religion of science where people are told to go on faith more than not, yet mock religion and spiritual practices as being ‘quackery’.

Literal-ism speak volumes as to the need for power and control-if people do not agree with you whatever your god is demonize them. The Dominion Ministry of which I am a member is one group who embraces All faiths because they know everyone is not made of the same mold.

Mainstream media does not help with its constant misinformed portrayal of exorcism and paranormal issues… religion does not help either with is rigid demands. These two forces are dis empowering people not empowering them.

We can see this in some of the movies out there where the Minster is called into help the ‘demonic’ because he is the direct rep of God..only to battle and battle with no progress and ultimate failure.
Don’t get me wrong the blessing and gift of ordination is real…I have witnessed the power of God through them. But the message is there it is subtle but it’s there.

The TV show The Exorcist show us 2 Priests and some nuns no less trying for hours days weeks to get  the damned demon who possessed the little girl Reagan who was  in the movie in the 70s and is now an elder in the TV show of the same.
In the show the demon who possessed her (the one who left her and threw the good Priest down the stairs after possessing the empowered clergy, but not until it killed the older Priest who could not make it listen to leave… both of whom had the blessing of God and the Church to save her) and is now occupying her granddaughter…they meet,the demon and now elder Reagan that is and the demon snaps her neck.. “hello Reagan remember me?” Snap..what is the message even though we know it is pretend the message is delivered, the subtle insidious message within the box we stare at for hours at a time is presented to us…
“We are the only ones who can help you but we can’t help you”. “you’re doomed”.
Laugh at me…its there.
The Ministers who are standing on stage carrying on calling everything demonic…
The so called Psychics charging 700 or more to remove a curse.
The message regarding spirituality and deliverance or freeing.. deposession etc.. is there.
AS for myself I petitioned the Church for nearly 2 years..many hours of testing psychotherapy..medical tests and more to have the church fail miserably and then blame me. They denied their own proof.
I get calls and emails way too often stating the same has happened to many many others.

As groups…individuals Churches we ALL need to change things. On a grassroots level we need to build people up not tear them down take back our power and give the power back to others who have been weakened. Stop victim blaming and clean our darned one will shame us for learning and improving if they do the heck with them..

Things NEED to change, people need help.
We all need to support each other.

No one should suffer through demonic attacks.

I believe that is why Through the Darkness Ministries is growing and I need help.

I am associated with some great groups but I need more people in my group to reach out and respond to those who need help and who’s lives are at a standstill…basically to grow and support each other as well as the clients. I am hesitant  to be more ‘public’ for the sake of my clients but am doing this based on prayer and meditation which has caused me to feel I should if I am wrong then it won’t work.  🙂 If i am will grow as it has.  ❤

Please help out. If you want to join I would be blessed to have you and please understand fully spiritual warfare and that it IS extremely time consuming….and no one associated with this Ministry  believes only  “one way” is the only way.
Pray and meditate if this is what you should do.



A lot of you have made donations and have been asking for places to send donations and it is so great thank you so much I have made a button you can use to send a donation or you can just use the direct  Paypal email which is

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