Karmic Scars

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                                              Karmic Scars

What are karmic scars? Karmic scars are lethal wounds or scars from past lives that are carried over to the next life. Karmic scars are also known as Birthmarks. Who would have thought that most birthmarks have a story to tell, a story of a past life. Birthmarks or karmic scars are usually formed at an exact place where your body had endured severe blow or injury in one of the past lives. According to Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research, if someone dies of bullet or knife wound in past life, the karmic scar or birthmark would reappear exactly at the same place. These birthmarks or karmic scars resurface as a reminder to heal those past lives events, it is a reminder that indicates there are some unfinished business.  There are two reasons of karmic scars- (1) Not enough gaps between incarnations for body to heal properly (2)…

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