Light..Sound and Color…

Let’s clarify.

Candle Work or even workings in general are sorely misunderstood.
I cannot tell you how many times I have been told I am sinning or other worse acts because I have worked with candles oils and herbs..yikes.

Honestly I think just some people are incapable of thinking for themselves spewing the worn out rhetoric of literal Clergy long passed on.  cannot think of anything better to be cast out of this world with and soon.

So..a bit of a history. About me and what I do have done and plan to do in the future.  🙂

I was inspired to do some different things last year.
I had always done candle burning or workings but never said much about it. it was last year slightly longer than I received several messages telling me to “Listen to the sounds and use them”

“Use more candles they help” that type of message.


Among other messages regarding this type of work. When I was 19 years old I burned a candle anointed  with blessed oil for 7 days and the changes were tremendous.

Anyone who knows me knows why.
So anyway…last year I shared the messages of light and sound briefly and held it in my heart.

I began to listen not only to my meditations which incorporated Singing bowls >> awesome<<< but added Binaurel beats and other sounds…I learned about the sounds and the HZ at which they were vibrating and began to see great results.

I recalled many magical workings done against me by my family who sadly were drawn to the darker side and realized there were many instances when sounds and vibration were used to create negative energy fields thought forms and the like.

I also began to notice people I  was working with had a different vibration…as I meditated more and more I learned to sense minute variations in the energy field of the people who came to me and the difference but striking similarities of issues they had. Vibration-ally.

I noticed before a demonic or what is perceived as a demonic attack happened something changed in the energy field precipitated through some type of sound/vibration whether it was yelling crying some type of loud booming sound from an accident or something but also I would psychically hear sounds a humming or a vibration. thought it was me. LOL

Every time.

I worked with 2 clients (they gave permission for me to share this) who had a person in their life who was into dark workings negative dealings (they could not get away from) and as I sat with them I could hear a sound a humming. I asked if they had something on their phone or any thing else around them that might produce a sound but they did not. No source was found Obviously I understand this is anecdotal evidence but it made an impression . When I did a candle working with sound infusion into the candle and sent to them with them listening it calmed them down but also something extraordinary happened the troublesome individual in their life took some time but they left. All hypothesis start somewhere and this is worth mentioning including the anecdotal ones .

When I was young and listened to the disembodied voices in my basement that flooded into my room through the vents I would also hear together with the voices or without them a humming some type of sound that I never could explain.
Again  I thought it was me.
I think other members of my family heard similar but I can’t speak for them.

So if the negative was coming through via vibration if you will then it can somewhat be conquered through the opposite vibration.

I again realized the need to explore and offer different solutions to our struggles in the spiritual realm.

Again I noticed a huge difference in situations when applying candles oils herbs and sounds.

I also began receiving what I perceive as messages although truth be told i will not accept they are divine until time passes and what I am ‘hearing comes to pass or is validated in some way. I do not think they are evil but wonder if somewhere in my recesses they emerge I doubt it because many are of things I truly do not understand but time will tell.

In later blogs I will share these things and ask your prayers and energy sent to help those who hear or read them to have clarity as well if not most importantly myself that  Ireceive truth and light and nothing else.

Don’t want to be spreading any messages that are not sound.  Pun noted.  😉

Worth thinking about in this new age that is being ushered in to all of us.

god is connecting and listening and giving us signs. And for goodness sake do not listen to the ones who claim everything is the devil.

Be empowered!  xo
By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"