The truth or the Illusion. The choice is yours.

The world of the demonic is made up of illusions but not the kind of illusions that ‘attract’ us but the kind that lull us, the soothing kind that make us feel good and well fed… the mischievous kind that play with us.

Plays us for fools. Using everything we are our hopes and dreams against us.
The kind of illusions that keeps us confused while pretending to ‘enlighten’ us.

The subtle messages of the demonic is never all lies it is lies mixed with truth…but also love mixed with hate…fear mixed with courage…one whole side of a demonic attack is filled to the brim with wise words filled with understanding and what seems like genuine care.

While the other side lies in wait to launch the out and out attack on our souls. it is not enough to use that evil part of us against us because they already own that part but it is fun for them to use that goodness that godly love we have deep in our hearts against us. Thats so much better for them. it goes directly in to offend God.

“There’s no such thing as demons Christine” many tell me.

Really? Look again.
But really look…
One of their main defenses is disbelief.
And they infuse pride into that disbelief..

They saturate it into our auric fields while they whisper to us as they pat us on the backs:
“You are sooo smart not to believe in the devil…”hahaha” they snort..”look at those snake oil salesman selling his wares telling people there is a devil”..”oh hahahaha” we respond led by our need to be something.. “Yes indeed we are so smart and above the rest of these believing chumps”..And we sleep well at night knowing we are above such fools.

Not making fun its how they do it.

Our false pride is used against us time and time again.
Contrary to popular belief the devil does not want us to believe they want us to think it is not real.

I had a family member who was mentally ill she did workings,,curses whatever you want to call them. She was basing her curses on her illusion the illusion that the demonic beings around her fed and clung to.

They led her to continue to do energy workings based on the illusions. She saw those beings surrounding her at her death..I saw them I felt them and i smelled and sensed them…her illusions ushered her into the hereafter and the kicker is even then she did not believe it. even after she saw them standing in the hallway staring at her..surrounding her at her bed. She refused to believe.

The arrogance of pride causes us to be stupid.

Magick is NOT for everyone although it is available to everyone.

we have the power to change things the power to create and destroy to heal and injure and that is why most of us fail at magick our ego says “we have the power of God so therefore we must have the mind of God”

Not so.

If we even glance at religion we can see the truth of that.
I am dumbfounded at the incredible ignorant statements of people based on religion.

It is not because people are dumb either that is a solid reason to say ignorant things but it is instead because people refuse to inform themselves choosing to believe what has been told to them.

Will we ever think for ourselves?
Trust me I include myself in this list right at the top. Because i was fed and led for so long is how I know about it.

The Demons who create warfare in our lives use everything that is true against us.
They use media and books and other people to influence of course god also uses the same to influence us to do good we must choose.

They have created religions and manipulated the most sacred of ideals and beliefs and turned it on us.
Turned it against us.
They have not created a new religion but instead used the basis of the most sacred to create a false one…mixing beauty with ugliness and evil with some good so we can’t tell the diffidence it is too much to sift through.

When the great big people came over here to America many years ago they plundered the Native American homes and villages..but not only that they sickened them..they beat them enslaved them then to add insult to injury they took their beautiful faith their godly customs claiming them as their own holy practices and demonized theirs.

They were deemed savages.
They were called devils.
The now counterfeit religion they took from them is considered holy while the original considered devilish.

Christopher Columbus who was a racist who tore down the villages of those native people has statues erected of him in many a City.
So not only was the evil and hate here perpetuated accepted he was deemed some kind of Saint because he did it.
you see what I am saying?

So can you imagine the thought forms the jinn the energy being created as a result of these illusions ?

The fact that people pray and curse do workings of a good nature and a bad based on illusions is one of the scariest realities I can imagine.
Worse is the cosmic horror one will witness when they pass believing the illusion is truth. Saw it. it is not pretty.

The media is angry.. the media is bought and paid for by the huge Pharmaceutical companies the GMO corporations own this land they are pissed and scared and they are funding the illusion. It is why Clinton lost and why they should have kept Sanders in the race and you can bet your bottom dollar they have been meditating their own thought forms into existence to recover any and all control they lost.
creating a synthetic religion a genetically modified Jesus Chris who leads the masses around in their passive aggressive way. Controlled resistance.

“You are evil and worshiping the devil if you put petition papers on candles and light them” one lady said to me. She was catholic no offense to the other Catholics.
I watched as she went to Church wrote on a piece of paper stuck it in the candle lit the candle and prayed.
“It’s the exact same thing” I stated.
“No it’s not” she cried “Mine is holy”.

The synthetic faith produces synthetic beliefs which produces synthetic practices…no substance spirituality. A mass of entitled people who want to be spoon fed everything they hear see believe and pray about.
They want to be led into heaven by anyone and do not expect to work at dare anyone suggest such a thing.

Then there are people who have embraced the magick of the world the law of attraction the doctrine of signatures the healing properties of herbs and oils….
And they fight back.
About time.

But we can’t fight back if we do not know our enemy if we think our enemy is one thing but indeed it is another.
The art of war is so completely misunderstood in this spiritual life of us in this Country its alarming.

Now politics have become the religion of the people. We are evil if we vote one way and holy and decent if we voted the other. Depending on the Shepherd of said political flock.

Whatever denomination we are in (political party) deems us good or evil.

“If you voted trump you are a racist” ….”If you voted for Hilary you are a what is it snowflake?”

“If you burn a candle with a petition paper you are evil but holy of you are doing while Catholic”

So people embrace this because they want to belong they want to be popular they want to look good and decent and holy…all without even doing anything.

I became hysterical one day while looking through my FB feed one woman nameless will she remain had been very upset about Trumps perceived hate..I felt kind of bad because I understand how personal people take it. She was bemoainng the fact he was ‘cashing in on his victory by selling hats.
Nice lady good person then in one hour i saw her advertising
“I will clear your chakras from the negative energy Trumps winning the election caused you for $75.00” I died I rolled on the floor.

Cashing in on hate is bad for my friend when you sell hats cashing in on it to clear chakras..not so much.

The really and truly sad thing the fucking horrible thing is that there are people who want to curse Trump and they actually have, some have cursed Clinton or Obama I am sure….they believe the illusion of the media and the illusion of the mind manipulation of the TV and glittery people they follow like blind dogs to the slaughter…the karma that will rain on them is insurmountable…you curse someone with no valid reason it’s bad enough you do it based on ILLUSION whether is is through your hoodoo or bible words of hate and curses from the faux Christian who loves according to his or her cherry picked way or your own illusion of what any politician represents according to what you have been ‘fed’ through the media this year or years don’t have enough hyssop to roll in to clean that sin off.

So by cursing this administration with the claim that they hate, they are allowing the very people they are claiming to protect to be subjected to the very people we are trying to protect them from.
Trumps administration believing the lies that the media spews and allowing more fanatics into this Country a few years from now finding themselves having their rectums sewn shut and thrown to their deaths off a building.

Karma is complicated.

Ask that the illusions be shown to you. Let it be lit up like a Christmas tree before they bite you in the ass.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"