Message channeled 2/01/17 Our work, the victory, hope and some future things.

A message from my guides and my archangels. I was asked to share..I hope it helps. I trust it will some I did not understand if you do please let me know. 🙂

“You have not failed”
Don’t give up.
Oh my dear ones you have no idea what you fight against and the strength of your choices.

Your work your energy your prayers have had an extreme effect on this earth in this world in the lives of many many souls who without you without your effort would not have had that effect and therefore no change.
The ripple effect of what you cause is a sight to behold.

Change can be measured by leaps and bounds by the great and profound (miracles) in life and many do view change in that way few however change through the little influences the minute affects that cause a ripple affect in those around them and those who see and sense these little ripple affects will be inspired to do their own work as small as they may seem to bring about change inspired in such a way like someone had gently whispered to them to ‘awaken’ to see and understand.

Energy is not to be misunderstood.
Energy is the common denominator of everyone and all things.

Energy when one does die is released into the heavens into the universe to unite with those who have gone before you.
The beauty of god is complete.
Every cell of your beings has the energy of god. all your cells are from the energy of god.
nothing that is in existence is not created by god. therefore nothing is NOT from and of God.

Do you understand?

Further nothing that exists is above god nothing.
what you have within you inherently is the choice to make whether you want to follow god or follow what you want and desire god to be. E
very person makes this decision.
No one is exempt from that free will decision.

Regarding the beliefs of the world you have and others have read about many many different beliefs found throughout history.
And Many people are manipulated by one or two set of beliefs.
It is frivolous to assume that god is to be manipulated by any one set of beliefs. most do not know who they are let alone where they come from to say nothing of the spiritual nature of things..the spiritual nature of the enemy is ILLUSIONS And counterfeit..
God will not be mocked and yet people still mock him.

God is neither female nor male but the extreme essence of all things. what you see making up so much importance in the human world is not god it is a counterfeit. Everything exists in god through god and by god. Godliness does not seek to feel important.
we have given you messages time and time again we have encouraged you and helped you we have been lenient with so many of you yet you still fail to listen you refuse to see what it is clearly before your eyes so many expect god to be everything they are not.

How can that happen?

God is within your spirit and you are in Gods.
God is your voice and Gods voice sings through you’
many years ago when people first walked this land many desired one thing and one thing only to be above all. They raped and pillaged from others seeking to raise themselves above all those around them then they sought to raise themselves above god himself do you know what it means to rape? dp you understand what it is to steal from what is not yours?
Do you understand in full the consequences of raising ones self above god?
Man has laws and so does god people have forgotten that.

and when they are afraid Christine when they are aware that their guise is being seen they call us the devil. they create fear in the people they have taken great satisfaction in leading around by the noses.
Their people their flock is their own creation and will be their own comeuppance. NOW at this time the residual effects of what was done plays out over and over again and there are times when God will allow what he is so that those being persecuted will understand what it is like to be persecuted.
Like a thief who becomes the victim of a thief.

Worry not abut them.
see the truth for what it is but do not worry.

Your words and the words of so many your heart and the hearts for so many you have understand our messages and marched on will be rewarded you have not failed you have been blessed and will be blessed again and again by us because of your diligence to our messages.

Many frequencies are in your midst many different frequencies when you tune into a radio station you are picking up what they speak what they choose to say on that station when you have other stations to listen to but refuse to all you will hear all you will absorb is the messages of the frequency you are tune d to .

I told you listen to the sounds pay attention to everything be at peace because your victory is are not lost you will not be lost you will not be given over to any of your enemies the time has come now to change the tides the tides will be changed in a moment what was will no longer be.

Fear is not from god fear is not from god fear is not important that you trust god that is important. every time any one feels such fear it must be understood god is not behind that.
Look how so many of mans religions cause fear. Not of god. gods words bring about courage and joy.
Wake up to the illusions.

everything you do all your energy works all your prayers your rituals when done with love have the effect of just what is intended by god and the changes are magnificent.

See here there are many witnesses to this and more that have taken place we have not forgotten nor will we forget. no one can hide from god not one person.

My dear children and brothers and sisters bring all into the light.

Look for the 3rd place and the one who wears that crown I showed you look for them to fall first.
second the luxury is not going to continue it is time this has been put to rest.
3rd there will be more.

Lastly remember you have not lost you have won .
Your words your prayers your beautiful meditations have soothed us all waiting here for you and we have acted mankind to help you to remain strong and healthy.
You have helped change the world you have changed the outcome to many many catastrophes through your willingness to act. be joyful we have won and as a result so have you.

Thank you.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"