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By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

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Today I was reading my memories on FB one of the great things about FB is I can save my thoughts pictures interactions and bitching lol…I am pathologically disorganized.
So yay for FB.

..I saw in 2014 I reached out for help removing my ex from my words were carefully chosen and as Β I hesitantly wrote I was seeking someone who could help me remove the ‘energy’…his energy was sick…mine was no better..I could literally feel the fear through the post. I was alone but had so many around me.

I had begun practicing Reiki in late 2013..I had done Reiki twice a day and prayed a certain prayer while lighting a,candle…it was,a prayer written by me…I still have it in my I meditated on the Reiki allowing god to empower me I would recite the prayer twice a day.

I could literally feel the energy changing..something changed in me as well not only did I wake up but I realized my gifts..what I WAS outside of everyone else.. so much was revealed to me at that time.

Although in my pain I was an ass needy and whiny. I was not a very good person back then. My soul changed my spirit made the connection to God who resided within me and I had feared and taken for granted for too long.

I became aware of that power. The loving but just and potent power of God.

The more I prayed the more I sent Reiki the more things changed…subtle at first then very obviously.

My ex became worse verbally but somehow couldn’t do what he used to…he used to kick me as I walked in front of him up the stairs..BIG man you know. 😬
At that time I would notice he did not come too close any longer.

He would stand in the yard and stare at me with a look of confusion as if he couldn’t figure out what had changed…..I saw my father then in his face. It was his script after all I was reading from. I don’t blame my ex fully because I was there too and my dysfunction aided and abetted his.. sad really.

In the end God heard me..he for the millionth time in my life intervened…this is not a sad post this is a grateful post…I never saw,anything change what is around me like I did and do when I meditated and sent Reiki..such a profound gift…God is great and I am too can you be if you simply make the connection to God in your way and your time…I pray you do… and receive beauty for ashes. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Β Thank you God in Jesus name. πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸ’œ

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"