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Possession happens differently each time it happens. Many people will say possession is ‘rare’ possession is not rare. PERIOD.

In my life I have seen at least 4 people who were more than likely fully possessed or on their way.

The number is higher than 4 but because I did not interact with them I could not confirm the others.
If is terrible sad to see a fellow human being a creation of God who is possessed.

But think about it if you are possessed that means an identity or entity has become so entangled with the host reaching out would be almost impossible,.it can happen but it is usually only a slight reach out.

A few months ago I experienced a conversation with a clearly possessed woman.

I believe she reached out to me in an attempt to ask for help. However upon our initial conversation it was clear I was not speaking to her but something or someone who had a hold of her.

She was verbally abusive swearing and attacking me as if I was the worst person ever to come into our life when I had pointed out she had called me she could not answer obviously she was reaching out but as many negative entities do they become bullies trying to scare people away with their ‘illusion’ of power. Not all signs of possession are verbally abusing or cruel she also presented with knowledge of things that she was truly unable to know. nothing about me but an area near me.

If we are protected God will not let an entity know about us personally.
If we are not fully protected it will be allowed. but they can know about other people or areas that are not fully protected.

Deliverance and exorcism are not secret..for goodness sake. There should be frank and open discussion about both subjects. hiding it reveals fear and lack of power- god won god is light the light shines on in the darkness and the darkness will not overcome it. PERIOD. Claim it.

Psychologists should be seeking to understand more and more the spiritual side of abuse and well possession and obsession that may happen as a result of abuse.

The spiritual affects the emotional and vice versa which of course then trickles down to the physical.

All is connected.

I did not reach this woman the way i truly wanted to but I pray I touched her life and I think, without being melodramatic that is what she needed.

I have not stopped praying for her nor asking god to bring enough light and love into her life in order for her to fully reach out.
Reiki of course, prayer meditation etc…clear the way.

I do not ever claim to have the mind of God so I can only hope.

Had others not done this for me and continue to do so I would not be here today.

This is my work this is what I feel so clearly drawn to doing. this is why I need your support to build my radio video and writings to reach people. Please pray about it. I have fought for so long and learned so much in the process I have no doubt i can help so many others. the fight is long and can be draining in ways we cannot fathom.

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By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"