What the mouse knew.

What the mouse knew mattered more than the strength of the Cat who had attacked him.

Pride goes before the fall. At times some who think they ‘know it all and are above those of us who are struggling” fall eventually and hard.

Of course the cat didn’t really know that silly it was just a cat.

But the mouse knew something the cat didn’t and that was how to survive.

But I digress.
Let me explain what the mouse knew.

I come from an abusive background.

In my 20s I was really trying to find peace in any way possible.

I was in so much pain spiritually and mentally.

I was always running, trying only to get away from myself.

I ended up going to a Christian retreat in NY, the retreat was on Inner Healing.

I had learned so much about myself and was learning to accept things that happened that I needed to forgiveness for,for both myself and others..sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to emotional hurts.

I was having so much difficulty leaving the peacefulness and serenity of the Center on my last day of the workshops.
I wanted to keep learning and being around supportive people was like a God Send.

I sat down to pray and reflect one more time not really ‘willing’ to go back to the daily grind that was my life at the time or the loneliness I felt.

So overwhelmed and small did I feel,,like I was completely insignificant.
The universe seemed to have ignored me up to then when I asked for relief.

“I will never be able to overcome all that has happened to me” I remember praying.

A bit of self-pity washed over me as I thought of what I had faced during the weekend and how much more I had yet to face in my healing.

Suddenly a pretty little cat came over to me,,now I have always been an animal lover and this was sweet to have the cat nuzzling me in my time of sadness,,until I saw a mouse run across the driveway and my friend the cat saw it too.

He wasted no time in grabbing the tiny mouse and tossing it up and down as cats do when they “play” with their ‘catch’.
The tiny mouse lay lifeless on the edge of the bush he had tried in vain to hide under.

I was completely disgusted by the display,but knew the cat was doing only what was natural.

“Ha I am just like that mouse” I thought, “Just like a tiny little mouse in the face of a huge lightening fast cat, which is the way the world feels like to me”


In the meantime my friend the cat stopped playing with the lifeless mouse and came over to me to get petted once again…after all the mouse was dead his fun was over.

The cat nuzzled and bumped me,while I looked sadly at the tiny mouse feeling that wave of despair again.

But the mouse popped his head up looked around saw the cat near me and ran off under the bush to secure his hiding place.

My friend the cat looked startled and I must admit somewhat embarrassed, if a cat can really look embarrassed.

It was then it hit me.

The Universe made the mouse tiny and frail,,the cat was big and fast,,but the cat lacked something the mouse didn’t.

That’s what the mouse knew.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"