Blessings. .Protection…Clearing..Removal of lack and limitation..bringing in prosperity.

Blessings. .Protection…Clearing..Removal of lack and limitation..bringing in prosperity.
Reiki energy..loving energy for your needs…clearing illusions of thoughts…beliefs..don’t be afraid. God won. .its done claim it….allow God to clear your mind..breathe…be still..the battle remains within us.. we can over come. xo


By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

“Connecting to Our Guides” “New Info”

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These are very short videos I will be uploading, these are geared towards changing our thoughts clearing our frequencies. To allow new thoughts and beliefs to form. We cannot achieve anything new until the old is healed and moved out.
Use caution…it is a raw video no bells and no whistles but it will help..give it time.
You may feel ill angry hate-filled and confused…just breathe and take it slow. Ground and connect to your guides,

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"