“Kiss Me I’m Psychic”

I am a Psychic Medium who is unashamed of that fact.
I had been abused all through my childhood which led to spiritual manifestations hauntings and a near possession so I can tell you what it feels like to have a demon inside and in control..(they smell and are severely afraid.)
Don’t mess around with them the study our weaknesses.. I wrote a book about it
“Through the Darkness” “Into The Light”
I was empowered through all ordeals because that is how GOD works.

ps: I won. 

I live in and have lived in Waterbury Ct for nearly 22 years.
I am considered one of the best Psychics In Ct.  How nice is that.
I love my bible my Jesus and can work a darn good candle.

I have a bustling and popular radio show on Revolution Radio at
well as on  Blog Talk Radio.
Come on over and listen as well as chat with us.
Call in 347-688-2902  to my show
Especially if you disagree with me..we can chat…in the real world…real names real people! I don’t bite…well maybe a little. 😉
It’s fun informative and inspiring.

STUDIO A on Wednesdays at high NOON. >>>>

which is home to ~
>>>>>> Revolution Radio >>>>>>> 

The number one listener supported station in the world. whoo hoo…what a gig.

^^ Follow me on there I would appreciate it!   🙂

Twitter too..@kissmeimpsychic

About me ? >>> visit my website @
Interact with me I am a nice lady!  😀

Thanks for reading thank you for following my blog. 🙂



5 comments on ““Kiss Me I’m Psychic”

  1. You write so well. I am always so moved by your blog posts
    I would like to come to you for a reading. Is your website where I go to set this up?
    Thank you.

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