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By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

To Empower. To inform. To be free.

Today I was reading my memories on FB one of the great things about FB is I can save my thoughts pictures interactions and bitching lol…I am pathologically disorganized.
So yay for FB.

..I saw in 2014 I reached out for help removing my ex from my words were carefully chosen and as  I hesitantly wrote I was seeking someone who could help me remove the ‘energy’…his energy was sick…mine was no better..I could literally feel the fear through the post. I was alone but had so many around me.

I had begun practicing Reiki in late 2013..I had done Reiki twice a day and prayed a certain prayer while lighting a,candle…it was,a prayer written by me…I still have it in my I meditated on the Reiki allowing god to empower me I would recite the prayer twice a day.

I could literally feel the energy changing..something changed in me as well not only did I wake up but I realized my gifts..what I WAS outside of everyone else.. so much was revealed to me at that time.

Although in my pain I was an ass needy and whiny. I was not a very good person back then. My soul changed my spirit made the connection to God who resided within me and I had feared and taken for granted for too long.

I became aware of that power. The loving but just and potent power of God.

The more I prayed the more I sent Reiki the more things changed…subtle at first then very obviously.

My ex became worse verbally but somehow couldn’t do what he used to…he used to kick me as I walked in front of him up the stairs..BIG man you know. 😬
At that time I would notice he did not come too close any longer.

He would stand in the yard and stare at me with a look of confusion as if he couldn’t figure out what had changed…..I saw my father then in his face. It was his script after all I was reading from. I don’t blame my ex fully because I was there too and my dysfunction aided and abetted his.. sad really.

In the end God heard me..he for the millionth time in my life intervened…this is not a sad post this is a grateful post…I never saw,anything change what is around me like I did and do when I meditated and sent Reiki..such a profound gift…God is great and I am too can you be if you simply make the connection to God in your way and your time…I pray you do… and receive beauty for ashes. 🙂 🙂  Thank you God in Jesus name. 🌹🌹💜

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

You are powerless. we all are,,wait what?

wide-hangingNot really..You and I….we are not powerless…..

Last Friday a group of Witches set out to ‘curse’ President trump.
They stated it was a binding’ not a take away his ‘power’..hmm funny way to put that. They ‘perceive’ him to be harming. Although many would beg to differ.
They presented their case to a skeptical as well as a fear weary society with their actions they loudly screamed “WE ARE POWERLESS SO WE MUST USE SPIRITS AND ENERGETIC MANIPULATION”.

I do energy work I use candles I use oils I use crystals I will read and pray the Psalms and if I have discovered someone is trying to send me shit I will spend hours sending it back to them. With a little added prayer that our good lord will save them with love and light but do not send me shit because I had a lifetime of shit sent to me. Because of that which was sent to me I do not do anything negative or controlling because I recall with profound clarity what it felt like.
I do not do negative workings and I define those as anything that is without permission or desires to take control I never send Reiki to anyone who does not give permission I do not pray or light candles EVER for those who do not ask I abhor when people pray for me without asking me AND I truly do feel it. I believe we do not know what people need to learn karmically or spiritual and why they might be going through some illness or negativity… we do not have the mind of God to know this well. discernment on every single work we do is absolutely essential.
there is the truth the lies the emotions and somewhere in the middle the real truth.
it was nice to read about those who were setting up protections and praying for this Country and our President. i did for all the presidents in the past and do so now. Whether I liked them or not and I am not a fan of politicians.

But I digress.

When I read the posts on ‘social’ media about how to do the light binding not evil they said just a light ‘binding’…I felt really bad bad in my bones…sad and pissed. Then i saw how karmically it will come back..the Witchcraft community will get huge backlash there will be more battles and they will be unable to do anything about it because their perceptions are based on illusions just as their critics base things on illusion.

There is going to be several holy wars one including witchcraft.

Some of my family were persecuted back when my grandmother was alive she told me stories of her sister my great Aunt being really persecuted for reading tarot cards and tea leaves she was also a medium…and the ignorance of the people who persecuted her was despicable. I have many generations behind me and I feel they are sad.
I am a Christian although many would disagree, but i am. I respect and admire the witchcraft community for their power healing love and respect for so much god has given us.

My Grandmother who obviously recognized my gifts always told me “don’t hang out your shingle too much’….”people don’t understand these things”.

A few hundred years ago witches were seen as devils spawn and evil children eaters who steal women’s husbands and sheep..back when sheep were important. Livestock in general. there were silly archaic laws that one if seen as a witch could be tortured and killed..good lord….

Witches were hung and tortured jailed beaten burned all over complete misunderstanding. their herbs were labeled “voodoo” and scary images of them abound in literature and then later in movies and TV.

The understanding of witchcraft was brought back what like 800 years on Friday with the push to ‘bind’ president Trump….personally I think they did it for show more than anything.

But now the absolute misunderstanding the public had about witchcraft and now feels justified for is complete.

If it can be reversed (this misunderstanding of witchcraft) I would be surprised shocked even.

The message Friday is one of poor sportsmanship..
(I didn’t like losing) the message of complete and utter dis-empowerment.. (I cant do anything in public like communicate with my Congress or Legislatures but must resort to spiritual/energetic manipulation) the message of closed minded self righteous souls who think they know everything but still can’t stand on their own they must use spirits.

I mean I actually understand their perspective on part..but witches as fear filled evil powerless people who turn to the darkness have been presented to the public. But this time by the Witches themselves.

The same people who cursed Trump to lose the election are now without explanation for why that failed doing it again..they never answered why the first 1000s of curses never worked?… the brunt of jokes the laugh of atheists the target for literalists..I am disturbed beyond measure…

Witches… publicly curse Trump with a “binding” spell. A message for America and beyond sent out to too many already misunderstanding and fear filled members of the public who see that witches who already tried to stop him from winning failed….yikes.I have read many comments and heard what people are saying..
..:( it’s bad.. good luck there. You all brought the devil that you don’t believe in back on yourselves and your community.
Fear filled hate induced literalist comments filled my mind as I read them.
“What do we expect they worship the devil”.
“Figures satan loving whores” I saw those actually comments.
‘They’re trying to bring the devil into America”……again.

I don’t know who they all going to bind when witchcraft again becomes the scorn of the public more than it already is?.

This is truly sad because people already had misinformation about witchcraft.they had hate..indignant condemnation,,bias.. they gave fuel to add to the fire with their show Friday.

I honestly think the ones who started it just wanted attention.

To the fearful public a “binding” is a demonic curse…they don’t care about the distinction.they want to hate witches….they couldn’t stop him (Trump) from winning the election..why would it work now..witchcraft a beautiful healing empowering modality/craft brought down to its knees by the attention seeking dis-empowering knee jerk reactionary fear filled group on Friday.

Anyone with an understanding of elites knows the absolute protections among other energy work they have in place. No one broadcasts it to the fear induced half asleep sheep though.

LEAVE THINGS ALONE AND HAVE FAITH GOD/GODDESS WILL WORK THINGS OUT. real genuine magic is standing on ones own two feet using ones voice and activism and support of those who will listen…checks and balances…and order…

The understanding of witches and what they do had come ten steps forward only to go twenty steps back.

Before you in your knee jerk thoughtless reactionary way condemn me…think about it…ask your guides and ancestors and really truly look…Wait for it….it’s coming…. 😦

Be safe be blessed I love you.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Message channeled 2/01/17 Our work, the victory, hope and some future things.

A message from my guides and my archangels. I was asked to share..I hope it helps. I trust it will some I did not understand if you do please let me know. 🙂

“You have not failed”
Don’t give up.
Oh my dear ones you have no idea what you fight against and the strength of your choices.

Your work your energy your prayers have had an extreme effect on this earth in this world in the lives of many many souls who without you without your effort would not have had that effect and therefore no change.
The ripple effect of what you cause is a sight to behold.

Change can be measured by leaps and bounds by the great and profound (miracles) in life and many do view change in that way few however change through the little influences the minute affects that cause a ripple affect in those around them and those who see and sense these little ripple affects will be inspired to do their own work as small as they may seem to bring about change inspired in such a way like someone had gently whispered to them to ‘awaken’ to see and understand.

Energy is not to be misunderstood.
Energy is the common denominator of everyone and all things.

Energy when one does die is released into the heavens into the universe to unite with those who have gone before you.
The beauty of god is complete.
Every cell of your beings has the energy of god. all your cells are from the energy of god.
nothing that is in existence is not created by god. therefore nothing is NOT from and of God.

Do you understand?

Further nothing that exists is above god nothing.
what you have within you inherently is the choice to make whether you want to follow god or follow what you want and desire god to be. E
very person makes this decision.
No one is exempt from that free will decision.

Regarding the beliefs of the world you have and others have read about many many different beliefs found throughout history.
And Many people are manipulated by one or two set of beliefs.
It is frivolous to assume that god is to be manipulated by any one set of beliefs. most do not know who they are let alone where they come from to say nothing of the spiritual nature of things..the spiritual nature of the enemy is ILLUSIONS And counterfeit..
God will not be mocked and yet people still mock him.

God is neither female nor male but the extreme essence of all things. what you see making up so much importance in the human world is not god it is a counterfeit. Everything exists in god through god and by god. Godliness does not seek to feel important.
we have given you messages time and time again we have encouraged you and helped you we have been lenient with so many of you yet you still fail to listen you refuse to see what it is clearly before your eyes so many expect god to be everything they are not.

How can that happen?

God is within your spirit and you are in Gods.
God is your voice and Gods voice sings through you’
many years ago when people first walked this land many desired one thing and one thing only to be above all. They raped and pillaged from others seeking to raise themselves above all those around them then they sought to raise themselves above god himself do you know what it means to rape? dp you understand what it is to steal from what is not yours?
Do you understand in full the consequences of raising ones self above god?
Man has laws and so does god people have forgotten that.

and when they are afraid Christine when they are aware that their guise is being seen they call us the devil. they create fear in the people they have taken great satisfaction in leading around by the noses.
Their people their flock is their own creation and will be their own comeuppance. NOW at this time the residual effects of what was done plays out over and over again and there are times when God will allow what he is so that those being persecuted will understand what it is like to be persecuted.
Like a thief who becomes the victim of a thief.

Worry not abut them.
see the truth for what it is but do not worry.

Your words and the words of so many your heart and the hearts for so many you have understand our messages and marched on will be rewarded you have not failed you have been blessed and will be blessed again and again by us because of your diligence to our messages.

Many frequencies are in your midst many different frequencies when you tune into a radio station you are picking up what they speak what they choose to say on that station when you have other stations to listen to but refuse to all you will hear all you will absorb is the messages of the frequency you are tune d to .

I told you listen to the sounds pay attention to everything be at peace because your victory is are not lost you will not be lost you will not be given over to any of your enemies the time has come now to change the tides the tides will be changed in a moment what was will no longer be.

Fear is not from god fear is not from god fear is not important that you trust god that is important. every time any one feels such fear it must be understood god is not behind that.
Look how so many of mans religions cause fear. Not of god. gods words bring about courage and joy.
Wake up to the illusions.

everything you do all your energy works all your prayers your rituals when done with love have the effect of just what is intended by god and the changes are magnificent.

See here there are many witnesses to this and more that have taken place we have not forgotten nor will we forget. no one can hide from god not one person.

My dear children and brothers and sisters bring all into the light.

Look for the 3rd place and the one who wears that crown I showed you look for them to fall first.
second the luxury is not going to continue it is time this has been put to rest.
3rd there will be more.

Lastly remember you have not lost you have won .
Your words your prayers your beautiful meditations have soothed us all waiting here for you and we have acted mankind to help you to remain strong and healthy.
You have helped change the world you have changed the outcome to many many catastrophes through your willingness to act. be joyful we have won and as a result so have you.

Thank you.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

The truth or the Illusion. The choice is yours.

The world of the demonic is made up of illusions but not the kind of illusions that ‘attract’ us but the kind that lull us, the soothing kind that make us feel good and well fed… the mischievous kind that play with us.

Plays us for fools. Using everything we are our hopes and dreams against us.
The kind of illusions that keeps us confused while pretending to ‘enlighten’ us.

The subtle messages of the demonic is never all lies it is lies mixed with truth…but also love mixed with hate…fear mixed with courage…one whole side of a demonic attack is filled to the brim with wise words filled with understanding and what seems like genuine care.

While the other side lies in wait to launch the out and out attack on our souls. it is not enough to use that evil part of us against us because they already own that part but it is fun for them to use that goodness that godly love we have deep in our hearts against us. Thats so much better for them. it goes directly in to offend God.

“There’s no such thing as demons Christine” many tell me.

Really? Look again.
But really look…
One of their main defenses is disbelief.
And they infuse pride into that disbelief..

They saturate it into our auric fields while they whisper to us as they pat us on the backs:
“You are sooo smart not to believe in the devil…”hahaha” they snort..”look at those snake oil salesman selling his wares telling people there is a devil”..”oh hahahaha” we respond led by our need to be something.. “Yes indeed we are so smart and above the rest of these believing chumps”..And we sleep well at night knowing we are above such fools.

Not making fun its how they do it.

Our false pride is used against us time and time again.
Contrary to popular belief the devil does not want us to believe they want us to think it is not real.

I had a family member who was mentally ill she did workings,,curses whatever you want to call them. She was basing her curses on her illusion the illusion that the demonic beings around her fed and clung to.

They led her to continue to do energy workings based on the illusions. She saw those beings surrounding her at her death..I saw them I felt them and i smelled and sensed them…her illusions ushered her into the hereafter and the kicker is even then she did not believe it. even after she saw them standing in the hallway staring at her..surrounding her at her bed. She refused to believe.

The arrogance of pride causes us to be stupid.

Magick is NOT for everyone although it is available to everyone.

we have the power to change things the power to create and destroy to heal and injure and that is why most of us fail at magick our ego says “we have the power of God so therefore we must have the mind of God”

Not so.

If we even glance at religion we can see the truth of that.
I am dumbfounded at the incredible ignorant statements of people based on religion.

It is not because people are dumb either that is a solid reason to say ignorant things but it is instead because people refuse to inform themselves choosing to believe what has been told to them.

Will we ever think for ourselves?
Trust me I include myself in this list right at the top. Because i was fed and led for so long is how I know about it.

The Demons who create warfare in our lives use everything that is true against us.
They use media and books and other people to influence of course god also uses the same to influence us to do good we must choose.

They have created religions and manipulated the most sacred of ideals and beliefs and turned it on us.
Turned it against us.
They have not created a new religion but instead used the basis of the most sacred to create a false one…mixing beauty with ugliness and evil with some good so we can’t tell the diffidence it is too much to sift through.

When the great big people came over here to America many years ago they plundered the Native American homes and villages..but not only that they sickened them..they beat them enslaved them then to add insult to injury they took their beautiful faith their godly customs claiming them as their own holy practices and demonized theirs.

They were deemed savages.
They were called devils.
The now counterfeit religion they took from them is considered holy while the original considered devilish.

Christopher Columbus who was a racist who tore down the villages of those native people has statues erected of him in many a City.
So not only was the evil and hate here perpetuated accepted he was deemed some kind of Saint because he did it.
you see what I am saying?

So can you imagine the thought forms the jinn the energy being created as a result of these illusions ?

The fact that people pray and curse do workings of a good nature and a bad based on illusions is one of the scariest realities I can imagine.
Worse is the cosmic horror one will witness when they pass believing the illusion is truth. Saw it. it is not pretty.

The media is angry.. the media is bought and paid for by the huge Pharmaceutical companies the GMO corporations own this land they are pissed and scared and they are funding the illusion. It is why Clinton lost and why they should have kept Sanders in the race and you can bet your bottom dollar they have been meditating their own thought forms into existence to recover any and all control they lost.
creating a synthetic religion a genetically modified Jesus Chris who leads the masses around in their passive aggressive way. Controlled resistance.

“You are evil and worshiping the devil if you put petition papers on candles and light them” one lady said to me. She was catholic no offense to the other Catholics.
I watched as she went to Church wrote on a piece of paper stuck it in the candle lit the candle and prayed.
“It’s the exact same thing” I stated.
“No it’s not” she cried “Mine is holy”.

The synthetic faith produces synthetic beliefs which produces synthetic practices…no substance spirituality. A mass of entitled people who want to be spoon fed everything they hear see believe and pray about.
They want to be led into heaven by anyone and do not expect to work at dare anyone suggest such a thing.

Then there are people who have embraced the magick of the world the law of attraction the doctrine of signatures the healing properties of herbs and oils….
And they fight back.
About time.

But we can’t fight back if we do not know our enemy if we think our enemy is one thing but indeed it is another.
The art of war is so completely misunderstood in this spiritual life of us in this Country its alarming.

Now politics have become the religion of the people. We are evil if we vote one way and holy and decent if we voted the other. Depending on the Shepherd of said political flock.

Whatever denomination we are in (political party) deems us good or evil.

“If you voted trump you are a racist” ….”If you voted for Hilary you are a what is it snowflake?”

“If you burn a candle with a petition paper you are evil but holy of you are doing while Catholic”

So people embrace this because they want to belong they want to be popular they want to look good and decent and holy…all without even doing anything.

I became hysterical one day while looking through my FB feed one woman nameless will she remain had been very upset about Trumps perceived hate..I felt kind of bad because I understand how personal people take it. She was bemoainng the fact he was ‘cashing in on his victory by selling hats.
Nice lady good person then in one hour i saw her advertising
“I will clear your chakras from the negative energy Trumps winning the election caused you for $75.00” I died I rolled on the floor.

Cashing in on hate is bad for my friend when you sell hats cashing in on it to clear chakras..not so much.

The really and truly sad thing the fucking horrible thing is that there are people who want to curse Trump and they actually have, some have cursed Clinton or Obama I am sure….they believe the illusion of the media and the illusion of the mind manipulation of the TV and glittery people they follow like blind dogs to the slaughter…the karma that will rain on them is insurmountable…you curse someone with no valid reason it’s bad enough you do it based on ILLUSION whether is is through your hoodoo or bible words of hate and curses from the faux Christian who loves according to his or her cherry picked way or your own illusion of what any politician represents according to what you have been ‘fed’ through the media this year or years don’t have enough hyssop to roll in to clean that sin off.

So by cursing this administration with the claim that they hate, they are allowing the very people they are claiming to protect to be subjected to the very people we are trying to protect them from.
Trumps administration believing the lies that the media spews and allowing more fanatics into this Country a few years from now finding themselves having their rectums sewn shut and thrown to their deaths off a building.

Karma is complicated.

Ask that the illusions be shown to you. Let it be lit up like a Christmas tree before they bite you in the ass.

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Light..Sound and Color…

Let’s clarify.

Candle Work or even workings in general are sorely misunderstood.
I cannot tell you how many times I have been told I am sinning or other worse acts because I have worked with candles oils and herbs..yikes.

Honestly I think just some people are incapable of thinking for themselves spewing the worn out rhetoric of literal Clergy long passed on.  cannot think of anything better to be cast out of this world with and soon.

So..a bit of a history. About me and what I do have done and plan to do in the future.  🙂

I was inspired to do some different things last year.
I had always done candle burning or workings but never said much about it. it was last year slightly longer than I received several messages telling me to “Listen to the sounds and use them”

“Use more candles they help” that type of message.


Among other messages regarding this type of work. When I was 19 years old I burned a candle anointed  with blessed oil for 7 days and the changes were tremendous.

Anyone who knows me knows why.
So anyway…last year I shared the messages of light and sound briefly and held it in my heart.

I began to listen not only to my meditations which incorporated Singing bowls >> awesome<<< but added Binaurel beats and other sounds…I learned about the sounds and the HZ at which they were vibrating and began to see great results.

I recalled many magical workings done against me by my family who sadly were drawn to the darker side and realized there were many instances when sounds and vibration were used to create negative energy fields thought forms and the like.

I also began to notice people I  was working with had a different vibration…as I meditated more and more I learned to sense minute variations in the energy field of the people who came to me and the difference but striking similarities of issues they had. Vibration-ally.

I noticed before a demonic or what is perceived as a demonic attack happened something changed in the energy field precipitated through some type of sound/vibration whether it was yelling crying some type of loud booming sound from an accident or something but also I would psychically hear sounds a humming or a vibration. thought it was me. LOL

Every time.

I worked with 2 clients (they gave permission for me to share this) who had a person in their life who was into dark workings negative dealings (they could not get away from) and as I sat with them I could hear a sound a humming. I asked if they had something on their phone or any thing else around them that might produce a sound but they did not. No source was found Obviously I understand this is anecdotal evidence but it made an impression . When I did a candle working with sound infusion into the candle and sent to them with them listening it calmed them down but also something extraordinary happened the troublesome individual in their life took some time but they left. All hypothesis start somewhere and this is worth mentioning including the anecdotal ones .

When I was young and listened to the disembodied voices in my basement that flooded into my room through the vents I would also hear together with the voices or without them a humming some type of sound that I never could explain.
Again  I thought it was me.
I think other members of my family heard similar but I can’t speak for them.

So if the negative was coming through via vibration if you will then it can somewhat be conquered through the opposite vibration.

I again realized the need to explore and offer different solutions to our struggles in the spiritual realm.

Again I noticed a huge difference in situations when applying candles oils herbs and sounds.

I also began receiving what I perceive as messages although truth be told i will not accept they are divine until time passes and what I am ‘hearing comes to pass or is validated in some way. I do not think they are evil but wonder if somewhere in my recesses they emerge I doubt it because many are of things I truly do not understand but time will tell.

In later blogs I will share these things and ask your prayers and energy sent to help those who hear or read them to have clarity as well if not most importantly myself that  Ireceive truth and light and nothing else.

Don’t want to be spreading any messages that are not sound.  Pun noted.  😉

Worth thinking about in this new age that is being ushered in to all of us.

god is connecting and listening and giving us signs. And for goodness sake do not listen to the ones who claim everything is the devil.

Be empowered!  xo
By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Karmic Scars

Very good article!


                                              Karmic Scars

What are karmic scars? Karmic scars are lethal wounds or scars from past lives that are carried over to the next life. Karmic scars are also known as Birthmarks. Who would have thought that most birthmarks have a story to tell, a story of a past life. Birthmarks or karmic scars are usually formed at an exact place where your body had endured severe blow or injury in one of the past lives. According to Dr. Ian Stevenson’s research, if someone dies of bullet or knife wound in past life, the karmic scar or birthmark would reappear exactly at the same place. These birthmarks or karmic scars resurface as a reminder to heal those past lives events, it is a reminder that indicates there are some unfinished business.  There are two reasons of karmic scars- (1) Not enough gaps between incarnations for body to heal properly (2)…

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all who follow my blog…it has been a wonderful year of learning and healing and we celebrate jesus christ the light of the world bringing us all things!


Here’s a toast to us all that 2017 will be even better brighter and more abundant in the things we NEED and for joy to always follow.
I love you and pray for you very much! 🙂


By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"

Growing my Ministry…become part of it.

A year ago I officially started my Ministry “Through the Darkness” Ministry to help people by educating as many as will listen about not only ritual abuse but the reality of how extensively spiritual abuse occurs and the devastating damage it has done. Not only to the individuals but to our ‘collective energy’.

You cannot imagine the resistance I have received.
On a daily basis I am attacked. It is par for the course but still..this tells me this work is needed. Tells me I may just be doing a good job, if we are doing what is right usually it shakes things up. Never lose an opportunity to learn.

But too many are still unaware of the extent in which spiritual abuse and paranormal activity are indeed damaging many people.

But many more have a set idea on who should do this work and who should not.
That is where most of the resistance has come.
it is completely understandable no one wants to believe evil exists and no one wants to deal with it who would? I can’t stand dealing with it.

But as all of our energy at many points becomes ‘collective energy’ we need to care. To do what we can..not everyone can do everything but together we can move mountains sorry to sound kumbaya-ish but it is true. 😉

On a daily basis I receive at least 2 emails from people who can not get help.
In a world where there are countless paranormal groups..clergy..Demonologists etc..why is this happening?

It is growing worse.

Many Churches and groups have not advanced towards a greater understanding of spiritual warfare in spite of having the power grace and gifts to do so. I suppose one reason is in the name of ‘progress’ we have strayed from the nuts and bolts of spiritual issues to embrace that new religion of science where people are told to go on faith more than not, yet mock religion and spiritual practices as being ‘quackery’.

Literal-ism speak volumes as to the need for power and control-if people do not agree with you whatever your god is demonize them. The Dominion Ministry of which I am a member is one group who embraces All faiths because they know everyone is not made of the same mold.

Mainstream media does not help with its constant misinformed portrayal of exorcism and paranormal issues… religion does not help either with is rigid demands. These two forces are dis empowering people not empowering them.

We can see this in some of the movies out there where the Minster is called into help the ‘demonic’ because he is the direct rep of God..only to battle and battle with no progress and ultimate failure.
Don’t get me wrong the blessing and gift of ordination is real…I have witnessed the power of God through them. But the message is there it is subtle but it’s there.

The TV show The Exorcist show us 2 Priests and some nuns no less trying for hours days weeks to get  the damned demon who possessed the little girl Reagan who was  in the movie in the 70s and is now an elder in the TV show of the same.
In the show the demon who possessed her (the one who left her and threw the good Priest down the stairs after possessing the empowered clergy, but not until it killed the older Priest who could not make it listen to leave… both of whom had the blessing of God and the Church to save her) and is now occupying her granddaughter…they meet,the demon and now elder Reagan that is and the demon snaps her neck.. “hello Reagan remember me?” Snap..what is the message even though we know it is pretend the message is delivered, the subtle insidious message within the box we stare at for hours at a time is presented to us…
“We are the only ones who can help you but we can’t help you”. “you’re doomed”.
Laugh at me…its there.
The Ministers who are standing on stage carrying on calling everything demonic…
The so called Psychics charging 700 or more to remove a curse.
The message regarding spirituality and deliverance or freeing.. deposession etc.. is there.
AS for myself I petitioned the Church for nearly 2 years..many hours of testing psychotherapy..medical tests and more to have the church fail miserably and then blame me. They denied their own proof.
I get calls and emails way too often stating the same has happened to many many others.

As groups…individuals Churches we ALL need to change things. On a grassroots level we need to build people up not tear them down take back our power and give the power back to others who have been weakened. Stop victim blaming and clean our darned one will shame us for learning and improving if they do the heck with them..

Things NEED to change, people need help.
We all need to support each other.

No one should suffer through demonic attacks.

I believe that is why Through the Darkness Ministries is growing and I need help.

I am associated with some great groups but I need more people in my group to reach out and respond to those who need help and who’s lives are at a standstill…basically to grow and support each other as well as the clients. I am hesitant  to be more ‘public’ for the sake of my clients but am doing this based on prayer and meditation which has caused me to feel I should if I am wrong then it won’t work.  🙂 If i am will grow as it has.  ❤

Please help out. If you want to join I would be blessed to have you and please understand fully spiritual warfare and that it IS extremely time consuming….and no one associated with this Ministry  believes only  “one way” is the only way.
Pray and meditate if this is what you should do.



A lot of you have made donations and have been asking for places to send donations and it is so great thank you so much I have made a button you can use to send a donation or you can just use the direct  Paypal email which is

And here~

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Thank you!  🙂

By "Kiss Me I'm Psychic"